Jumped in already but thought I would say Hi

  • I kind of jumped in to the forum already but I thought I would say hi too. I'm Chris, been doing creative work for many years. Did editorial freelance in NY a long time ago . Got derailed and worked motion graphics and post production work many years. Never stopped drawing though. Been doing a fair amount of writing too. I'm interested in doing some personal projects combining visuals with storytelling i.e.: comics, graphic novels, or a hybrid. I have 2 kids in their teens and love the stuff they read from "Harry Potter " to middle readers like "Diary of a wimpy kid", "Pax", oh love Neil Gaiman too. Hope to interact with you soon, Chris

    websites a little wonky right now but here it is...

  • @c-davies Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. You'll like it here--it's friendly, supportive and inspiring. I'm also a huge fan of Neil Gaiman

  • @eli @Eli Cool thanks, yeah I was really reluctant to jump into a forum or anything online. I recently scraped off all social media , Facebook, tumbler ( had 11,000 followers on tumbler under the name floatingwoo). It just became such a time suck, a distraction it wasn't focused , i wasn't focused. With kids, job, and household duties, parents getting on in years. the idea of browsing is just out of the question . But i didn't won't to isolate completely . Anyway I kept my website and I want to get my Behance page up and going and really be intentional. I spoke with an old friend of mine who stuck with illustration and he said come up with your own project , your own product, and then walk it in to a publisher or whatever, or self publish, made sense to me. Chris

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    Hi Chris, I love your work - it's incredibly imaginative and has some Adventure Time vibe to it.
    I love how you use patterns in the background too. I've seen your post about hesitating to tackle bigger projects - but I think you definitely should. A graphic novel in your style would be a hit! Definitely one I'd pick for my collection...

  • @smceccarelli Thanks! Your stuffs amazing, you've taken to digital very well, I still have one foot in analog myself can't get away from ink on paper but I love dropping it into PS. love "Donkey and Koontz" is that a concept piece or is there a book with it?

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    @c-davies There's a story outline behind, but I've never come round writing it. Or deciding whether it fits a picture book or not. That happens to the greatest majority of my stories, but I sort of enjoy having lots of unfinished ideas. They move and chat and swim around and sometimes they congeal with others or mutate into something different. It's like a primal broth...

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    Welcome! This is a fun place as I'm sure you're discovering!

  • Nice to virtually meet you Chris. I like the playfulness of your work! Super great lines/colors!

  • Just checked out your site. LOVE your stuff!!

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    @c-davies welcome to the forums! Tons of great work on your site.

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