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    Here is my 5 page submission for the Creators for Creators grant. I certainly welcome feedback and will let you guys know when they announce a winner. And the pitch:

    Proposal for SIBLINGS
    by Jae Pereira

    “Let’s get to Nova and find our parents!”

    Logline: An unsupervised children’s romp through space to reunite four siblings with their parents.

    In the vastness of space, despite all the dangers lurking between beasts and galactic powers, there is still humanity and goodness. Outreach extends beyond the known universe to far off worlds helping the needy wherever they may reside. On the planet Nyota these efforts are led by the family Clemente.

    After an asteroid storm destroys their home, the Clemente children are forced into a quest to reunite with their parents. On this journey they encounter all sorts of creatures, friend and foe. They make right decisions, and wrong decisions along their journey sometimes leading them into seemingly insurmountable situations. However, their love of and dependence upon each other is what will help them bring their family back together..

    Siblings is a fun, child-friendly, space adventure through the lens of 4 siblings. It’s a mixture of the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dynamic between those brothers with the drama and humor of Voltron: Legendary Defender. These brothers and sisters are vastly different from each other, but whatever they may face, they do it together. The distinct personalities of each child helps and hurts the chances of the Clemente family from ever reuniting. The only way for them to succeed is to cooperate, embrace their place in the tribe, and figure out just how is it the baby is a genius beyond compare.

    Siblings are forced into the adventure for their lives when they are separated from their parents evacuating their destroyed home planet. Danger immediately finds these four, and their journey to rendezvous on the planet Nova gets only more interesting. Along the way our adventurers tighten their bond as brothers and sisters, conquering any obstacles that get in their way. But after a terrible loss and a few missteps, they almost lose hope of a happy reunion. Then, in a crowded marketplace, they hear start to hear voices calling out their real names. As they turn they find their parents running towards them with manic
    happiness and joy. Their parents never gave up searching for them, and even though they didn’t reach Nova, the Clementes realize that home is not a fixed place in the galaxy but that place where can be with the ones you love.

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