Question - printing digital drawing onto watercolour paper?

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    I was watching "loosening up in watercolor" video and @Lee-White mentioned how much he hates redrawing stuff. I can so relate! But how do you print a digital drawing onto 300 lb watercolour paper? What type of printer takes that size/thickness of paper?

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    Any larger format epson will take a thicker media. I currently use the Epons 4900 and it will even take illustration board.

  • Canon Pixma A3 ix 6550 takes this paper,with no problem

  • I've got an Epson Artisan 1430 (cheap, and largish format). Epson sells special watercolour paper designed for printing (unsure of the weight), but you could probably just throw some regular watercolour paper in there and see what happens.


    Random forum posts suggest that 300lb paper 'sometimes requires gentle encouragement to start the feed but otherwise works' and the watercolour paper I was printing with is 190lb.

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