New fear of painting

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    I have my book pretty well set except for painting. I'm a bit scared to start! Before I knew too much I would have just had fun with it and wouldn't realize if it was good or bad. (Well, I don't really know TOO muvh but a lot more than I used to ). In acrylics, I was considered fearless (but you can always paint over or scrape things off there, with watercolor and some final inked pages I feel a bit hesitant! ) I guess, though, that if I start out super light and get feedback I can do it. Be prepared for a lot of posts once I get started! Or maybe I should just trust myself and go forward. Just believe......Thanks for listening.

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    you would be well served to do a series of small color/value studies and get a sense for where you want to go. You can make photocopies of the sketches in a reduced size and do 3 or 4 studies of each page. Then the real paintings will go much easier.

    Doing full size paintings in watercolor without value and color studies is a recipe for disaster.

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    Hi Marsha Kay! I know that feeling all too well and it is scary. @Lee-White gave you great advice. Make copies of your comps and experiment with value and color. It doesn't even have to be in the same medium. I often do rough color studies using colored pencils so I can work on them away from the studio. My final art is done in watercolor but having even studies done in C. pencil give a nice road map. And you can quickly see what work and what doesn't without investing in expensive paper. I do my studies on copier paper - easy to do as many as you need!
    Hope that help a little. And best of luck with your final art!

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    @lee-white Thanks! I was just thinking along those lines after writing that post. Thank you! I can do that!

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    @lidia-ull Thanks for the advice. I was thinking of doing little ones on watercolor paper but it would be smart to do it on cheaper paper first! I need to do more studies, always. I tend to jump ahead sometimes which is, as @Lee-White says, truly IS a recipe for disaster. You can't rush things.

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