Old/New sketch, help with stairs?

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    Concept is the old dog wants to see what all the commotion is about and I’m Having trouble with this one, does the angle of the Stairs look right to you? Feel free to draw over, any help is appreciated! Thanks! -Todd0_1521611302606_Untitled_Artwork.jpg

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    @fauxtoddgraphy 0_1521626679619_stairs.jpg

    Hey I think it should look something like this. I'd recommend watching this, it helped me a lot: https://courses.svslearn.com/courses/visualizing-drawing-in-perspective

  • @Jason-Bowen got it right with the new draw over, but you would also have to redraw the dog and chair slightly to fit the 1pp you are going with. Have you thought about doing a simple 2d view? It's quite a challenge to show the room and the dog in this one scene.

    However, might I suggest redrawing it in a different angle. You say the the dog is going go check on all the commotion, yet you give the answer in the same scene. How about doing an angle from behind the dog as it going up the stairs with a hint of something going on at the top. You would have to get the lighting right to emphasis this, but it would build anticipation and also give you an interesting composition challenge.

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    @jason-bowen thanks man, that does help. Much appreciated! I’ll watch it indeed.

    @Gary-Wilkinson for sure, the chair should tilt a bit. Oh I love unique angles and perspectives, and I’m not holding true to that, with this sketch.
    But the more I look at it, I may go back to the drawing board with a total new idea.

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