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  • Hello Everybody!

    nasvikdraws here. I am new on the site but I have been following SVS, Jake, Will and Lee for a while now. Last year's Inktober gave me back the courage and the discipline to draw on a daily basis. It was a great experience.

    I am doing lot of digital black and white ink and would like to transfer to paint and color and also back to traditional. I am at the brink of subscribing to the SVS classes but I need to reorganize my time better beforehand.

    I will be posting stuff in this thread. Any feedback is more than welcome.

    The first one is Bullied 02.:
    0_1520358641839_bullied_2 cropped 1080.png

    "His mind was clear. He knew what was happening to him. However, he felt like he was floating and observing the mob of school kids around his disfigured body from a distance.
    "It will soon be over" he thought to himself "Just like last time". Maybe the janitor can glue his shattered pieces this time as well."

    Hope you like it..... 🙂

    If you want to check out more, you can visit:


  • SVS OG

    Welcome to the forum! I followed Jake Parker for a long time and it lead me here as well. The videos here will help you improve once you commit to making that time for yourself to grow! Just don't be like me and let 5 years go by.

    I like your black and white work. I think it can be hard to convey an idea well with just two values and you do a stellar job. You have a solid foundation that will help transitioning to paint and color! Hope to see more from you.

  • @carriecopa Thanks so much for your feedback. I definitely feel I have to focus on doing it daily. I've cut down my "being useless" time and draw whenever or wherever I can. The next step is SVS and thanks for affirming me.

    I saw that you did the Zeppelin Octopus for the February Contest. One of my favorites from the batch. Great style. 🙂

  • Pro SVS OG

    Love it, so funny! Welcome!!

  • @charlie-eve-ryan thank you. 🙂 If you like it make sure to check out my Instagram for more 😉

  • Todays artwork:
    Never grow up....👵👶👵👶

    0_1520459347074_Somethingquick_07 3.png

    This one was inspired by an old lady in the park. She was very old, in a wheelchair with large sunglasses trying to catch soap bubbles with some little kids around. Such an innocent moment.☺
    Hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks😉

  • Very cool image!!

  • @eli thank you. If you like it you can check for more

  • I post the octopus that I did for the February Contest.
    "Interrupting Quality Time...."

    0_1520566075100_Untitled_Artwork 2 3.png

    I color corrected it as I was rushing to the deadline.
    Hope you guys like it. Let me know your comments.

  • @nasvikdraws For me I think I prefer the octopus that you submitted for the competition, I would have suggested to perhaps push the range of color on the octopus and work on giving it a shine, but I liked the light cyan/green lighting.

    Btw some lovely inkwork on your instagram 😃

  • @gary-wilkinson Thanks Gary for your feedback. I see what you are saying. Looking back, the cyan does look better. I should have just corrected the values and not the hue. I need to practice with color and shading to have better results with the octopus skin.
    Btw, really love your work and your octopus entry is my favorite. The best entry. It's so vibrant and its story is hilarious. 😉

  • Hey guys.

    I did this one for the 2017 Inktober Challenge. One of my fav to work on.
    I tried multiple angles and corridor layouts before settling with this one.
    I love putting in small gags like the little anxious satyr at the leg of Theseus.

    0_1521161188468_inktober_oct_22_2017_trail 2.png

    Hope you like it. 🙂

  • Hi Guys. New one for today. This was done for Inktober too. Can you find the easter egg? 🙂

    0_1521397908498_inktober_oct_21_2017_furious_ 2.png

    I will paint this as I think it would look great in color. At least it looks great in my mind. Hope I can live up to it 🙂

    Let me know your thoughts. Thanks,

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