Photoshop help PLEASE!

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    I was doing the finishing touches on my Octopus submission when my laptop randomly restarted (it's been doing that a lot lately). I thought I had fortunately saved just a moment earlier but when I loaded the picture back up Photoshop claims there is a layer that's corrupted and won't open it. It offers to flatten the image but even then it still will not open the image. Is there a fix or a work around? Can I upload an earlier version somehow? Did I put in well over 20 hours and late nights for HP to just wash it down the drain? Tips appreciated!

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    If you are on windows, you might be able to right click on the file and see if there are any previous versions available. You might lose a little work but you might also be able to save it.

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    @chip-valecek Thanks for the advice. I tried but for some reason it didn't have a previous version of the file available.

  • Anytime you are working on an image always save backups as you are working.

    No, you do not want to flatten the artwork as that will combine all the layers.

    Depending what version PS yo are using there is an autosave feature that should be turned on, this saves periodic files as you work.

    Try looking here - the path to the auto save files is *ProjectFolder\Adobe Photoshop Auto-Save* hopefully the autosave feature was turned on.

    Lastly, for the future - turn on autosave if it was not, also, purchase an external drive and an app that will perform incremental backup every hour or two of your hard drive. If PS has been restarting you have a problem, it could be corruption, your harddrive but most likely you need more RAM memory. You may be maxing out photoshop/ram and when it fills up, it crashes. PS uses open space on your harddrive to supplement your RAM - how much open space is on your HD?

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    I have no advice about how to recover your file and I'm sorry if you've lost data and work.This kind of thing has happened at least once to every digital artist and teaches a hard lesson...
    Currently, I save my working file every 10 minutes or so, backup automatically to an external drive every hour and save all work files to dropbox at the end of each work session. I really recommend erring on the side of caution with digital art, especially if it's client work.

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    @jimsz Thank you for taking time to help. I have 8GB of RAM, 2.7 GHz processor, and over 800 GB free space on the c:/ drive. I used Photoshop CC17 on this machine regularly before Thanksgiving with no problems. Since late December or early January the laptop would occasionally randomly reboot and overheat while just simply watching YouTube in a Chrome browser.

    I started using PS again and knowing about the reboot issue and made it a point to save regularly. It actually rebooted once before while working on this piece and surprisingly PS loaded it immediately and fully saved up to the point it shut off. I assumed this was the auto-save feature. Now this happened again but this time PS refuses to open the file and the properties of the file say there is no previous version. I checked the preferences and it shows that auto-save was set to save every 10 minutes. I'm dumbfounded.

    I can't find the ProjectFolder\Adobe Photoshop Auto-Save you were directing me too either in PS or on my C drive and doing a windows search for it turned up nothing.

  • Sorry I can't point you towards a different location for the project folder, I do not know windows very well.

    If you want to find a way to send me the file I would be happy to see if I can access it or find a way to open it for you. I have numerous versions of PS on several computers. If you use dropbox put it there and send me a link via message here.

    I'll check back here periodically throughout the day.

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    @jimsz Thank you for your willingness to help. Unfortunately I don't have Dropbox set up. I'm resolved that the file is lost and I'll need to start over again to see it through. I may use this experience to test myself in another medium. Thanks again for your time and suggestions.

  • I have used Carbonite for the past year. It's about $5.00 a month. I think it's worth it. I never think about it. Backs up everything automatically.

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