Star Wars Story I'll Never Do

  • SVS OG

    If I had a crack at the Star Wars universe my story would be about a Gammorian guard named Ronk who’s cursed with above average intelligence.

    He abandons his post at Jabba’s palace to pursue a career as a bounty hunter. Along the way he rescues a dying rancor and fixes him up turning him into a cyborg hunter.

    Meanwhile, Jabba puts a bounty on his head. An ex-storm trooper who goes by the name Eo is the first to track Ronk down. He takes on Ronk and his rancor in his heavily modified TIE mech. They nearly kill each other and call it a draw.

    Then Ronk comes up with a plan to team up together and rob Jabba. So they plan this elaborate heist.

    Then they go do that. I’m tired of writing this now, but the rest of the story is awesome. Promise.

    The reason I do stuff like this is often times playing in someone else's universe can open up possibilities in the universes you're creating. When I get in a rut, and get mired in a story I'm working on I'll sometimes go do fan art from one of my favorite properties, or think of a story that could take place in one of my favorite books or movies.

    It's a healthy exercise so long as it leads you back to creating your own work. Don't linger outside your borders for too long!

  • Hello Jake,
    Thanks for sharing these, I been up late working on a project for a course I’m taking and this made my day, really love the concept. It would be nice to see it fully realized.

  • There is nothing like a good Bounty Hunter story!! I like the design of Ronk and Jabba walking....that is both cool and creepy.

  • I love your take on the starwars universe. I think your talented enough to create your own.

  • Jake why done you try and just do one sketch a day for your story. 15 min a day, means in a year your story would be done.

  • these are so beautiful!

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