Old Bat

  • I'm super proud of the lighting on this illustration as it was a real step out of my comport zone! But alas....The scanner TRASHED it 😞 and sadly i don't have a reliable art program to adjust the levels (nor a up to date enough laptop to get one).
    I will how ever be getting it professionally scanned soon, so hopfully i can share that one at some point ^_^ That being said, i would appreciate peoples thoughts, any constrictive critique will always be welcomed!

    Old Bat

  • @nizhoniwolf Really nice piece! For feedback i was thinking maybe there could be more contrast between the bat and the environment and possibly the shadow area behind the bat which moves down and to the left takes my eye off the page (does that sound crazy?)
    I did a super quick thumbnail where i added contrast of color (complimentary) contrast of temperature (warm and cold) and contrast of value (lights and darks) and contrast of texture (added more to the bat and subdued the background) - my thumbnail looks a bit creepy which is not what you were going for i'm sure! but i just wanted to see how these contrasts might play out in your image - feel free to ignore - it is a very nice drawing!


  • 0_1519762367564_OldBat_scan.jpg

    I Have another option for you where the lighting creates more shadows to exaggerate depth.

    Love the bat I think she's great 🙂

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