Octopus- First Day of School

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    I decided on an idea I love, now comes the hard part. How should I color it, digital or traditionally? 😃 I always struggle with this. I feel like I'm better with digital art but I like the look of traditional better. I'll sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

    0_1518669619410_small sketch.jpg

    Finished piece:

    0_1519841466321_First Day of School.jpg

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    @washu This character is extremely adorable. I know what you mean about digital versus traditional. You could try to mimic traditional while still working digitally by adding interesting textures after you've already added the colors digitally. I'm actually figuring out a process to do just that. Looking forward to seeing what you decide.

  • @washu This looks great, and I like the way you've laid out your plan. Do the directional arrows indicate the way the eye should move around the illustration?

  • Why not both? 😃 Also i'm curious, did you draw the little sketch before or after. I feel that the little one has a lot of energy in the gesture, which the larger one is lacking.

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    @johanna-kim Thanks! I'd love to master digital watercolors. I come from a digital background with some acrylic knowledge, but I love the way old watercolor artist's work look. Watercolor pen and ink style, like Arthur Rackham, Michael Hague, and Tasha Tudor. (Only I paint with much brighter, more saturated color)

    @bnewman Yes, the corner thumbnail indicates the direction the eye should go. It's to remind me where my lights and shadows and shapes should go, so I don't put too much distracting details in later.

    @Gary-Wilkinson I actually drew -that- thumbnail after the image to remind me where the guidelines should be when I paint this. (see above comment) I went through many bad variations before settling for this character. My previous ones were not cute at all. hahaha The big eyes made them look more creepy and psychotic.

  • Lovely expression, be careful with them fart bubbles!

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    @joeywall lol Thanks. 😃

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