Illustration WIP. Critiques welcome.

  • Hi everyone. This is a rework of my January submission for the Fearless challenge. I think this is pretty much done, but I'm not sure about the sky or the clouds. Something is not sitting right with me. I'm going to sleep on it, but I thought I'd show it here and see if anyone has some advice. Thanks for looking.

  • This is great..the expression on the brave little boys face is sweet. Maybe what might be bothering you is the placement of the storm cloud? I think I'd place that a bit higher or spread out across the image, not touching the figure..or perhaps its just that one small cloud directly over his just looks a wee bit too low to me. Overall, it tells a great little story.

  • SVS OG

    I agree with @djlambson about the small cloud and the placement. Other than that I think it looks really good.

  • @bnewman Really nice work! I like it.
    Maybe you can add some atmospheric perspective, every edge in the background is too sharp. I also agree with the location of the cloud, I would try to locate it higher.
    The horizon line seems to cut the image in half, try to lower it a bit, that will give you more space for that cloud. And, in my opinion, the noise effect is too strong.
    Either way, it's a great job and I really like it!

  • @djlambson Thank you! Good advice.

  • @allnightdesign Thanks! I will try that and see how it feels.

  • SVS OG

    0_1518208355351_1518127374663-01-2018-fearless-2-wip.jpg Hey I hope you don't mind I did a quick loose paint over. I added a little spray to knock back the bacground and darkened the water little waves a bit so your eyes focus on the boat more.

    I really like your painting the characters and style is awesome. 🙂

  • For the cloud i think the thickness of the line brings it to the foreground with the characters in the boat, if that makes sense??? Try a thinner brush (Sorry i don't work in digital so i may use the wrong terminology) to outline the clouds, and you may find it puts them back into the background???

  • @bnewman

    It looks good! I like the bold use of line in the foreground characters and boat. Overall great work and the expressions of the characters help to sell their emotions. I would second that the background could be just a bit softer to give the illusion of atmospheric perspective; the lines and the colors desaturated a bit more compared to the trees in the foreground as an example. If the clouds still aren't sitting right with you, varying the clouds a bit more, spreading them, might help the flow of the composition. I do think that having no clouds in the foreground, or just a small one like in Jason's example, is a great decision because it gives your foreground character much more presence in the composition. Awesome work!

  • @jason-bowen Hi Jason, don't mind at all. Thanks for taking the time. Good suggestions man. Cheers!

  • @nizhoniwolf I know exactly what you mean. I looked at other artists who use strong line for foreground but it tends to get quite thin, light or not used at all for background elements. Thanks!

  • @sean-p-guzman Thanks Sean, good suggestions I appreciate you all taking the time to reply. I also like Jason's example of the small cloud. I'll post up the final when I have incorporated those changes. I agree with everyone's suggestions. Just need to get those clouds feeling right.

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