B.O.T and Babe

  • Hey everyone, SVS has really helped me focus on pushing through and adopting the "finished not perfect" mindset.

    Ive been developing a children's book for a bit and have started to share it on my Instagram, and would like to share it here as well. I will post my development sketches, roughs, layout and eventually final illustrations as I go.

    The first Character is B.O.T., (Baby Oversee-er Technology) robot technology designed to help with the demands of modern life, especially parenting. B.O.T.'s advanced a.i. analyzes and assimilates the unique parenting style of each individual* and applies them to the needs of each particular child. B.O.T. is the third, fourth and sometimes fifth set of arms, eyes and ears parents wish they had.
    *Programming can override any bad habits parents would rather B.O.T. not pick up.

    Here are some development sketches. Im still working out the final designs and am trying out different variations and whatnot. Here are a few shots. Stay tuned for more if you are interested.


    Hmm, still getting used to posting on this forum, I tried posting this under projects, my bad.

  • Those are really nice! Sounds like an interesting book 🙂

  • So my idea for this story came from some sketches I was doing to come up with an illustration, and my own experience as a new dad. My daughter is now 2, and I've been drawing from that experience for the story.

    Here's some of the babe!


    And more B.O.T.




  • I like "how inquisitive" the bot feels. Good luck on your book!

  • @gdbee thanks, that's part of his character i'm going for, in glad it's coming through!

    Here are some pics I've been doing of variations of the babe.