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  • Has anyone tried procreate on regular ipads?
    I have an ipad 2, if I bought the iPad pen and procreate would it work?

  • Pretty sure you have to have an iPad Pro for the pencil to work.

  • @doha I have been using procreate for six or so years, ever since the ipad 2 launched. Procreate has gone on to update along side the new ipads and no longer consideres the functionality of older model ipads. I would say three or so years ago procreate started closing on me after I would create more than three or four layers on the ipad 2. I contacted them about it and they said just what I am saying here, which is that they can’t spend the time maintaining functionality on older models as well as keeping up with the new tech, and they recommended that I upgrade to an ipad air. I did, and have since then moved onto an ipad pro. It is a known issue with Apple products.

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    @tombarrettillo Yeah, I also think that you'll need an iPad Pro in order for the apple pencil to work.

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    The pressure sensitivity will most definitely only work on an iPadPro.The pencil may still give a signal on other iPads (though I am not sure about that either), but without pressure sensitivity.

  • If you have the right dynamics on then you don’t need pressure sensitivity. However, remeber that iPad Pro 2 is out, so they have already retired number 1. Which means old iPads will soon stop updating their OS. And newer apps (Procreate) won’t work at all.

  • You definitely can get pressure sensative drawing on other ipads, but I don’t know if the ipad 2 is compatible. I used a wacom bamboo pen on the iPad air and honestly I liked it better than the apple pencil. It was lighter, had a back button on the pen, and the battery life was stellar. I think I would get 100 hours out of each charge. The pressure felt identical to the apple pencil. However, now that I have gotten used to the apple pencil I probably couldn’t go back.

    This makes me wonder how the weight and feel of stylus for the cintiq feels.

  • Huh, I didn't know that about procreate. That does exactly encourage me to buy an iPad pro. I guess I'll look at the Surface Pro.

  • I've used Procreate on an iPad air 2 with an Adonit Jot Pro pen (which gives you pressure sensitivity). It worked quite well for me for quite some time but the iPad pro with apple pencil takes the experience to a whole new level (and as others have stated, the apple pencil will only work on the iPad pro). For what it's worth - it was no problem to download the Procreate app to our iPad pro, even though I'd originally purchased and used it on the iPad air.

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  • @doha said in iPad question.:

    Huh, I didn't know that about procreate. That does exactly encourage me to buy an iPad pro. I guess I'll look at the Surface Pro.

    Are you sure you are talking the iPad 2? The iPad 2 is 7 years old (in March). If you are indeed talking about the iPad (from 2011) you will be hard pressed to find any computer 7 years old that will run the current version or OS released this year.

    To answer your question - the Apple Pencil will not work with an iPad 2. The Apple Pencil will only wok with the iPad Pro series.

    For older iPads there are numerous stylus available. Jot Pro & Intuos were 2 that I tried and they were OK. ( https://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/ipad/best-stylus-for-ipad-ipad-pro-or-ipad-mini-3586503/ )

    As for Procreate - all software eventually will no longer be updated for older devices. Processing, Ram, security, requirements are only backward compatible for a certain amount of time. However, if you have software that is doing what you want on a platform that operates well for you - you do not need to update. That's true for Mac OS, Windows, ios, etc.

  • The iPad Pro is the only one that supports the Apple Pencil. You can use Procreate with a regular stylus, but the Apple Pencil is pressure sensitive and without that feature it’s just not the same.

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