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    Hey all,

    I still pop in to see all the awesome work here on the SVS forums.

    I've been laying low through the holidays/Fall and took a bit of a break after my summer surgery. The surgeon may have to go back in again. I have a lot more testing this month including another lung ct scan and I'm due to see the lung specialist at the end of this month to discuss a biopsy. This is all due to my severe reflux and asthma and poor swallowing function due to systemic scleroderma and lung nodules. If the biopsy comes back with what they are looking for I may need to go on 3 strong antibiotics for 12-15 months. Which is bananas!!

    None of which I'm looking forward to. I'm preparing mentally and my illustration work and classes have taken a bit of a back seat to it all. The stress of all the tests and doctors appts is for the birds.

    I'm very close to finishing this second dummy with my agent and we are both super excited to get it out the door. I do still have one book dummy out on submission and finished up a project for Highlights which will be in their April issue.

    This is a sketch from this am called Feel The Music, plus a bunny sketch where I am testing out a new brush I made.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and New Year!!

    Happy creating all!



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    Oh Charlie, I am so sorry to hear that. As a nurse I have an idea of the gantlet you have been put through. You will be in my prayers. Wow you made a brush, that is awesome. Thank you for posting, as always I love your work!

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    Happy for your progress on your projects in spite of your medical trials. I am so sorry that you have to endure it all. I will pray for you too.

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    @charlie-eve-ryan glad to see you posting again. My thoughts are with you!

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    Really sorry for your ordeal. And grateful that you keep gifting your art nonetheless! Wishing you strength and endurance for the time ahead...and hopefully full health soon!

  • I have a chronic illness as well, so I know what you mean. It's great that you are still getting things done! Good luck with both your health and your work!

    I like the texture on the bunny, so the brush is working nicely! I don't know why, but he made me laugh a little when I first saw him. He looks like he's quite the character. 🙂

    If you haven't sent one in, you could do a red version of this guy and send it in to SVS for their bunny wall. https://www.svslearn.com/news/2017/10/7/bunny-wall

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    Thanks everyone for the kind words, I found out this week that my ct chest scan is stable!! Which is wonderful, no growth or new lung nodules. That is huge since every scan for the last 6 years has shown changes and more damage. We see a lung specialist next week. Hopefully, all the everyday things I am doing to cut back on inflammation is helping and slowing down progression.

    These are other characters I drew with the new brush, it is fun to play with.


    0_1516308990959_CharlieEveRyanSlowMOsm.jpg 0_1516309000745_CharlieEveRyanSketchGirlflowersm.jpg

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    @miriam Sorry to hear about your chronic illness, it can be such a bear. I work through it and don't really let it slow me down too much. I find staying busy with art, writing, and kids etc keeps my mind off the bigger scarier issues of what is happening. I focus on eating healthy and the things I can control.

  • @charlie-eve-ryan
    Good to hear that the scan went well! I hope your condition continues to improve. ❤

    Slow Mo is adorable, too! For anatomy, I believe sloths have either no visible tail (like people) or a very stubby tail (2-3 inches long), depending on the type of sloth. But you could just say that Mo is part monkey. 🙂

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    @charlie-eve-ryan Great news on th elung CT scan! Woohoo! Very interesting textures in your drawings too 🙂 You have a great style.

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    @miriam Thanks! I was looking at pics of a giant sloth that have a longer tail, but you are right this tail is more monkey-like so something to consider. 😃

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    @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Thanks, my family is relieved! It's a step in the right direction. I love playing with texture brushes.

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    @charlie-eve-ryan I can imagine! It's very exciting for all of you!

  • @charlie-eve-ryan
    I forgot to mention before--I want to see Radar's fox friend, Rusty!

    I've never heard of giant sloths before. So are your rabbit and fox prehistoric characters, too? Or are they not part of the same "world"?

    Your Slow Mo picture would make a cute valentine card.

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    @Charlie-Eve-Ryan very happy to hear your health is turning for the better! Happy to hear you were still able to get some work done and get those dummy books out. Always cool to see a fellow SVSer working towards the goal and making it happen.

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    @miriam Thanks, I'll be sure to post a pic of Rusty, too. Radar is a pb story I am writing based on my family trips to Ocean City, NJ beach. There are bunnies and foxes who live in the sand dunes there, Radar and Rusty are inspired by them. They're best buds who collect and build gadgets and weather equipment from items they scavenged for on the beach. Rusty scavenges while Radar builds things and also using his super sensitive ears to help predict storms.

    Slow Mo lives in the city and is a different book, but I'm sure he'd love a visit to the beach someday.

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    @evilrobot Thanks so much, I look forward to digging back into some of the new SVS classes, too. 😃

  • I totally want to see Slo Mo on a stand-up paddleboard 😃

  • @charlie-eve-ryan
    I love your story idea and the inspiration behind it. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

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