New Live/Interactive Book Cover Illustration Class

  • Hi guys! I'm SUPER excited to launch our newest interactive class with Jaime Zollars and me. It's a 10 week course on illustrating and designing book covers. It's going to be awesome!

    We are officially launching the class on Tuesday, but I'm going ahead and making it available to you guys. This will be a portfolio caliber class so if you need new stuff to add to your website or portfolio, this could really help. Book covers pay well and they are a specialty area within publishing.

    I'd love to see you in there. Let me know if you have any questions at all! Seating limited to 16 people.



  • Will you be covering how to make layers for colored foils so the printer knows where which part has the foil or text beveling in photoshop?

  • @amphailin We will definitely be covering layers for foils and spot varnishes. It's an important part of making a book cover so it needs to be in there.

    Text beveling in photoshop is more of a photoshop/font topic and is so specific that I'm not sure we will be going into too much detail there. Although I can address it if it's an area you are interested in.

    But, it should be noted that this is a conceptual illustration class and not a technical photoshop or font class. We will be asking you to design/Illustrate different covers for books with different parameters and subject matter. It's more about getting a solid image that works well for the story and style of the subject matter.

  • Awesome class idea....I pitched for a book cover job back in October and lost the pitch - but saw enough to realize how well-paid these jobs are.
    How long is the class and when does it officially start?

  • @Lee-White Will a repeat of this or other live classes be offered later in the spring or summer? I want to take this one very much, but I'm going to have a major disruption in my life/work the month of March and am a bit nervous to commit in the time period this course falls (about 1/3 of it will be in March).

    ~ Pam

  • This looks really good.

  • @smceccarelli It starts Jan. 17 and lasts 10 weeks.

  • @pam-boutilier I'm not totally sure when this one will run again. I should know pretty soon. It sort of depends on the demand for the class. Since it's the first time running it, we need to see what reaction it gets.

  • @lee-white oh I meant how some covers have beveled letters you can feel physically. Is that something Illustrator prepare for the printer? I know the technical side is a whole new subject. Thank you!

  • @amphailin thats the same technique as the foils. It's basically just a black and white layer that shows where the raised parts or foil will be.

  • The description says there will be one video a week and a homework assignment, that seems reasonable, but can you estimate how much time a student should expect to give this course each week? I feel lame asking, but I want to give it my all if I sign up.

  • @cory-shaw As a parent of two little kids, this question isn't lame at all. I'm interested to know as well. Is this a live class or pre-recorded? One of the reasons I can't do live classes is my kids will be all_over_me during it. Remember the viral video of the BBC reporter at home getting video bombed by his family? Yeah, that.

  • @laurel-aylesworth Oh, just answered my own question, by actually reading the class description. Pre-recorded. Cool!

  • I have a couple more questions....

    • How many completed pieces are going to be created during the course?
    • Are you going to explore different genres and audiences (midgrade vs picture books, humorous, fantasy, adventure, etc...?)
    • Is the course going into type design and hand lettering in any way?

    I have to be very conscious of investments as my illustration activity is still just barely covering expenses, but I am finding that assignments and/or competitions yield the best portfolio I am considering this to give a next boost at my portfolio and maybe help to enter this part of the market, which is really very interesting....

  • @smceccarelli This will be a good portfolio generating class I think. Here's our rough breakdown of the weeks. It will focus on different age ranges for the assignments.

    Week 1: Dynamic thumbnails and process

    Week 2: Book Cover Design

    Week 3: Book Cover Design (Due)

    Week 4: Modern Classic Fairytale

    Week 5: Modern Classic Fairytale (continued)

    Week 6: Modern Classic Fairytale (Due)

    Week 7: Covers + Interior Spot

    Week 8: Covers + Interior Spot (continued)

    Week 9: Covers and Interior Due (Due)

    Week 10: Final presentations

  • This class looks amazing, book covers is something I would LOVE to do more of for my portfolio, but its pretty much the worst timing ever (having a baby this month 😉 so I sincerely hope it will be offered again in the future :-).

  • @lee-white Ok, Im convinced. Ten weeks for four pieces with critique throughout is a great deal - so Im giving myself a belated Christmas gift....and just signed up.
    Looking forward!!

    (Sorry for the rogue formatting of the text - I have no idea why it`s doing this to me...)

  • @sarah-luann
    Congratulations! I hope everything goes well for you!

  • @smceccarelli great! Can't wait to see you in there!

    I think you are a really good fit for this class. Your work is strong and you are at a place where cover work could really improve your overall portfolio. : )

  • I'm right on the edge of signing up, I just need to be pushed over that edge.

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