Book cover for portfolio

  • Trying to fill in some gaps in the portfolio, so came up with an idea for a mock book cover illustration.
    Here is the sketch and come color studies
    0_1514576906733_Magumbo circus sketch resized.jpg
    0_1514576913614_Magumbo circus color study 1.jpg
    0_1514576919683_Magumbo circus color study 2.jpg

  • Finally finished!
    0_1518245664448_Magumbo circus resized.jpg
    0_1518245679646_Magumbo circus text resized.jpg

  • This image is beautifully drawn at a nice level of stylization: I love that unicorn. It also makes the story seem intriguing and interesting to read. What I am missing a little is the sense of “magic”. It´s overall very dark and bluish (which is perfect for the feeling of night!) but the sense I get is of two people stealing a unicorn : stealth rather than magic. I´m also not sure what the guy with the wheelbarrow stands for - it´s not something I would immediately associated with a “circus” or with “magic”. I am wondering if more light effects on the tents and around the character would help to convey that sense of wonder. You could also think about making the clothes of the people more outlandish and colorful, or decorate the unicorn with some circus-like apparel (feathers, glitter, etc...). Obviously, not knowing what the story is about, this may all be the wrong thing to do.

    If you want book covers for your portfolio, it may be a good idea to do a few book covers for books that everybody knows (things like “The Wind in the WIllows”, “Alice in Wonderland, etc...”) I have been told over and over again that ADs love to see how you tackle an illustration for which they know the brief - especially for book covers, where so much of the atmosphere of the book needs to be conveyed in the illustration. Just a thought!

  • @stringfellowart Really beautiful. I love the light around the horse and the lighter area around Mr Magumbo's in the title. I feel curious to know the story !

  • @smceccarelli Thanks! Good advice!

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