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    Hello! I Haven't taken advantage of the forum much other than the contests, but will be for 2018 ...a new years resolution!
    So I've been really diving into Procreate on the Ipad and I've got to say it is fun! Lot's of great textured brushes etc. As a result, I haven't touched my desktop much for photoshop. Got that holiday bug and been trying to do #drawcember!
    Procreate is convenient and offers a lot of power. For getting your work out there on social media, it is ideal. So here are a few holiday pieces I've been doing...
    45min-1hr on each, with bicycle santa (my latest) coming in at about 4 hrs worth. I should mention I wrote quick little made up story lines for each of these on my Instagram @fauxtoddgraphy if you want to read them.
    Thoughts/Crits welcome! My self critique? I've gotta work on angles, unique perspectives more.
    Hope you like, Thanks and Happy Holidays to all!

    0_1513279262788_Untitled_Artwork 8.jpg

    0_1513279324363_Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

    0_1513279578594_Untitled_Artwork (1).jpg

    0_1513280152581_Untitled_Artwork 7 candy cactus small.jpg

    0_1513280490412_Untitled_Artwork 4 polar bear skate.jpg

    0_1513280688857_Untitled_Artwork penguin was here.jpg

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