Drawing kids, resource suggestions?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I want to get better at drawing kids of different ages. Do you have suggestions on finding more information about this?
    I can not find any good anatomy resources. I know Loomis discusses kid's proportion very briefly but I was hoping to find some more extensive information.
    When I google it I can only find tutorials on how to draw one kind of kid but I would like to know more on how to draw different ages etc.
    Would love any suggestions! Thanks!

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    Good reference sources are catalogues of children-wear: you can order them or sometimes download them online.
    Another good one is the book "Facial Expressions from babies to teens" by Mark Simon

    If you can find them, there are some old illustration resource books that have children reference from many angles. And of course the Muybridge tables - several of them feature children shots you would not find anywhere else nowadays.

    These are reference sources. I cannot recall any book apart from Loomis ones that specifically addresses drawing children. Loomis has written several books, most of them have a chapter on children - "Drawing face and hand" has an extensive one with several ages.

    Ultimately is like learning to draw anything: practice trumps any theory...

  • @smceccarelli Thank you so much for your suggestions! I didn't know Loomis had more on kids, will look into that. Plus the other books you mentioned.

    You are right, practice trumps theory, but since I am so unfamiliar with drawing exact ages (like how a kid of 5 is different than 6 or 7) I could really use some pointers. I plan to do a personal project and draw every age for a week, starting at newborn, up to 18.

  • Not information on drawing per se, but a lot of Instagram accounts exist dedicated solely to pictures of their children playing and doing different activities, some of them are very good for reference. I like @grimsteadslittlepoppets because the photographer takes a lot of pictures of children with animals, jumping, running, playing (the only downside is there are very few boys featured). @bethphilippidis is good too, especially if you are drawing old-world sorts of things. If you follow one or two of these photographers online you can find similar accounts that suit you better.

  • thank you @Cory-Shaw great idea, I did not think of that! I've added them to my list!

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