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  • Here is another illustration I'm working on for my portfolio review. All suggestions are appreciated! gingerbread10.15.15.jpg

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    @Joy-Heyer Hi Joy! Another very cute illustrated scene from you! Love all the detail in the old fashioned stove and how well you captured the look/texture of the hardwood flooring as well!

    The only thing I would suggest is making the two pictures on the wall a little less white/bright. I think they are competing for attention in the scene when they are just background props. So toning them down a bit would help them fall more into their place in the background.

    Otherwise - very nicely done once again!

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    really charming piece Joy. Your drawing skill really stands out. I have a couple of suggestions for the overall piece.

    The overall composition is suffering by all the action being right in the center. See how this works out. Look at all the unused space around the action that isn't really doing much for the composition (and storytelling). 1444953870765-gingerbread10.15.15.jpg

    So here's a quick fix. Move the gingerbread man over to the right side of the image which adds a sense of urgency to the picture. He's about to escape! And that will track the viewers eye to from the stove to him which covers a larger area. I also darkened him to stand out a bit and cropped in on the overall picture a little. Lastly, I darkened some of the background like Rich suggested which I think is a good call.

    Overall a very lovely piece! Keep it up! : ) 1444953870765-gingerbread10.15.152.jpg

  • @Lee-White Your insights are always great to read!


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    Thanks Ace! It's so fun to see the work you guys are doing. You all inspire me daily!

  • Thanks @Rich-Green! Your suggestions are always so helpful! I will darken the background.

    @Lee-White, Thank you also! Moving the gingerbread boy definitely creates more drama. Quick question: If I crop, will the lines of the stove create distracting tangents/near tangents? Do I need to rethink the stove?

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    perthaps, but only if it bothers you. I would be fine with how it is now.

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