Another introduction :)

  • Hello everyone, I want to rush the courses. Starting now!

    I'm Alberto M, I'm 23 and just ended fine arts degree with minor on design and illustration. I've never commissioned anything else but painting boring portraits and my goal is to make a fun to watch portfolio, with more finished images, with more life and narratives, composition, background, etc. My work totally lacks narrative,

    I'm so focused on crafting that I ignore other important things, worse of it is that sometimes it gets so frustrating, so I gotta break that burden to turn it fun.

    Here's some of my best recent artworks, some redesigns and character designs


    See ya!

  • I love your style Alberto!

  • SVS OG

    Really cool stuff Alberto! Wow, I wish I had your grasp on the human form when I was 23. When you get a chance, take "Breathing Life Into your Character Designs" it should help a lot with giving a narrative to your characters.

  • Hello Alberto! Nice to meet you.

    I am totally digging your Princess Ruto piece. Very cool.


  • Pro SVS OG

    Love the expression on the top one, fantastic. Beautiful work, welcome!

  • Welcome Alberto. Your work is awesome. Love your colour choices and your character designs are brilliant. Great work.

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