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    Hello all - i thought i would share my Procreate images from last year - i first tried the program after discovering Will on youtube - it's a great program - the first drawing of the water spirit and the boy in the boat was just a little doodle of my son....(unlike the drawing my son does have lower legs and feet :)...anyways that little doodle made me want to start drawing again (after a very long time)and i felt there was a story in the little doodle - then the wave creature drawing was next and i put the two together in Procreate - ...anyways, now i have a bunch of procreate sketches like these about the boy in deferent situations - i turned last third thursday into another encounter for my little character...i have not really nailed down what he looks like yet and these are scribbly i know but i feel there is something in them i would like to save when i recompose them in photoshop....There is a lot wrong with these i know..just wondering if there are any reactions to the feeling of them..good or bad....thanks!

    First copy.jpg Attachment-1 copy.jpg Mermaid_4 copy.jpg Wood_Cutter_4 jpg copy.jpg

  • This is really great! I cannot say why but the sketches are talking to me right away.😊 I like the darkness and how you use light and highlights. Can you tell us a bit about the mood you see yourself in these images?

  • I like the first and last images. The first image reminded me of your last entry for 3rd Thursday challenge, the water spirit is great. I guess the last one feels a bit different due different approach but they character feels the same as the first one. I do enjoy the style of your first image.

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    @Jana Thank you Jana!...somber yet hopeful would be the mood i think....not the best idea for a children's book....part of the idea is that upon first read we might assume someone is in danger or someone is dangerous or that someone or something is good or bad....only to find that we through the eyes of the boy are often mistaken - but hopefully not like a morality play that would grow tiresome after act one - when i drew the ogre from jack and the beanstalk for third thursday i read the stories and found a bit of sympathy for the giant as it seemed jack was a complete scoundrel - so i tried to show a old ogre with a bit of wonder and a bit of greed in his eyes for the little golden egg - hoping to avoid cliche and hopefully puzzle the viewer as i was puzzled by the story - i'm sure i did not quite pull it off but that's the kind of thing i was going for..(i'll attach the ogre/giant)..same with the woodcutter in the bottom he dangerous? why does the boy have his sword out? ..anyways long winded as usual......Thank you so much for your comments!Ogre.jpg

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    @Naroth-Kean Thank you Naroth! the first and last work the best i agree (though neither in a finished sort of way) - the boy in each drawing needs a lot of work to pull it together as a story - the second drawing was an attempt to show that the boy is self possessed but a little too quick to draw his weapon ..the Mermaid one looked much better to me as a scribble - hopefully i will learn to capture what gives a rough sketch its energy someday and let it survive my refinements 🙂 ....- Thanks again for taking the time - i really appreciate it!

  • I'm stoked for the iPad Pro coming out. I'm going to be giving Procreate a run for it's money. The new Procreate was the app used for the majority of the iPad Pro promo video by the way.


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