Seven Ravens Revised Rough Sketch

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    SevenRavensRoughSketchsm.jpg ![SevenRavensFullSpreadRevisionsm.jpg](uploading 100%)

    @Lee-White Here is a really rough revision of my Seven Ravens scene. Trying to work out the compostion and overall feel. I have the raven sweeping in over the dining table with the girl wind swept to the left and the drawf in the foreground looking up. The moon and mountains and six other ravens in the distance.

    Since this is her first time seeing her brothers as ravens I want them to look big and intimidating but not in full on attack mode like I had it earlier. I am figuring they don't see many humans and she is a stranger in the home. They will fly in close to check her out and let her know this is their territory.

    It's not until the next scene that they realize she is their sister and she came to save them and break the curse.

    Your Tuesday crit was very, very helpful, I think adding in the dwarf and making the raven less frightful will help a lot. If you think it is still not reading well, let me know..I really appreciate the help. And if it is too rough I can do a more detailed sketch. And if anyone else is willing to chime in, I'm all ears! Thank you!!


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    Here is the earlier version from Tuesday's submissionCharlieEveRyanRevision.jpg

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    Hey Charlie,

    Thanks for revisiting this story. It really does sound cool. It is looking better, but I would say try out maybe 3 or 4 different versions of the sketch. When you only have 1 things are so much more difficult because there is nothing to compare it to. If this is her first time seeing the brothers as ravens, you really need to think about that pose for her. Really try to get into her head and think about how someone might act in her position. Maybe she would be slightly behind something and peeking around just so she isn't so exposed. Act it out in your living room (even if it feels silly). Also, be sure to list a few key words so we can really see what you are shooting for.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with! : )

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    Hey Lee,

    Thanks so much! I will definitely try out acting it out and do a bunch more sketches on this and see where it leads. I also really like the idea of having her peaking out somewhere, slightly hidden. Thanks be continued 😛 @lee-white

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