360 Illustrations and Animated pictures- your thoughts?

  • I saw the use of 360 in digital painting a while ago when I was browsing on Art Station and thought it looked cool- here is an example from an artist called Yog Joshi: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/B6z6k
    Have any of you tried this technique? Its interesting being able to spin the view around 360 degrees and could lend itself to storytelling images.

    I'm also wondering if anyone has animated their illustrations. I've been meaning to learn Moho/Anime Studio for ages so I can play around with moving pictures because I was inspired by the work of Stayf Draws on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT-sgcMAmPk

    edit- I've put this in the wrong category sorry.

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    @christine-garner I have seen those 360 pieces before and always wanted to try it. I have some time off in the coming month, maybe I will try it out. It does look like it could be a fun project.

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    @chip-valecek last Saturday at the SCBWI Chicago Area Illustrators meeting we had a guest speaker who did an entire presentation on creating 360 illustrations. Man I wish you were able to make it out to these meetings, I know you would really enjoy so many of them!

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    @rich-green I want to so badly but Saturdays are crazy busy with the kids and running around. Hopefully during the winter months things might get slower and I will be able to make it to one of them.

  • Actually although 360 isn’t something I’m yet into, I have made one or two animated stories....or rather animated my illustrations and they’ve brought in more work.

    So much so that as adobe have a Black Friday deal on their membership I’m going to expand my photo subs to get the full suite. Does mean though learning yet more software, but as long as I only dive in to what I need - after effects, premier, animation and expand my illustrator knowledge - I should be ok.

    And as I’ve got a meeting to discuss creating an animation this Wednesday, should pay for itself.

    Deal is until 24 nov if anyone is interested, 20% off

    And animated pics I think is more accurately called motion graphics artist. Just bought a book on it this morning.

    Oh, and just to say, you can do a load with Procreate and LumaFusion software straight on the iPad!

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