I did it! I made a website (while at work)

  • Don't tell my boss.
    So I wanted to make a website to kind of showcase my favorite/best work and also use it because I want to use it on the applications for comic cons! As I create better works I will definitely keep it updated but I'm wondering what all you wonderful people here think about it.


  • @jason-kilthau Hi Jason i wanted to see your website but the link here is not working-just to let you know.

  • @dottyp Hmm, It seemed to work last night when I posted but I just checked and you are right it definitely wasn't I went ahead and fixed it now. It should take you their

  • SVS OG

    It worked for me! Nice! I wish I wasn’t so technologically challenged. I’d have to get my husband to make me a site. ☺

  • @pamela-fraley Thank you, I used wix! And when I initially started I didn't have the options for editing that they had last night so I was able to widen the "gallery" portion for desktop devices, which was nice because I didn't really like the options when I was playing with it before. But it really is just drag and drop and text editing. Once I played around with it enough it was simple to get something decent looking. I'm hoping to add to it soon but I want to finish some newer/nice pieces first as well to add to the gallery.

  • I was able to look at your website I really liked it ,especially the cannibal mushroom,the site was nicely laid out with great work.

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