Draw 50 things! Critiques are welcome

  • I’ve watched the class several times and finally eked out the time to do a piece. This one has been in my brain for months! I’m not 100% satisfied with it, but feels like a huge accomplishment all the same. It’s me in my “someday” art studio with all my supplies, favorite nerdy things, pieces of art from other artist friends, the books I love, and evidence of my kids playing on the floor. ☺️ Sorry I didn’t post progress pics and things here. I keep forgetting my login info. 😬
    My count is actually 62 things... not counting the shelves and multiples of things, etc.
    And, it appears the pic might not load. I’ll try to figure it out, but I’ll post it on my Instagram too.

  • This post is deleted!

  • 0_1510780881342_C61C82B9-9F31-4499-BF49-2CDEAA0BABB6.jpeg

  • WOW!! This looks really great! Well done.

  • Just caught the little dalek and TARDIS! I love how you keep seeing more as you look at it. Also, I want to paint in this studio! Ha!

  • looks great 🙂 there is one thing that is very easy to fix, but can be disturbing - plug socket is touching the desk and also it seems a bit out of perspective. I might be wrong cause i am a newbie to art, but perhaps its worth checking it. There is one more thing, but really its only cause I just watched an svs video 'Painting Color and Light'. I am wondering if 'painted You' is loosing a bit of focus, because attention is drawn to red items like blanket and star. Anyway, it's really great and you don't have to listen to a newbie at all 😉

  • @eli That was my favorite part... putting in all my favorite nerdy things. ☺

  • @aska Yes! You are right on. And I do want critiques!! I guess I should have said that. Thank you for the feedback! I saw the plug thing... after the fact of course. This whole piece was tricky with the tangents. I usually don’t struggle as much with that, because I don’t do things with so much stuff, but this one... 😳 I tried to get them all, but there’s usually a few things I see only after I finish. That’s the downfall of working traditionally. Limited ability to fix things. I probably should have left the rebel alliance sticker black too. I also feel like the desk perspective is weird... but that’s one of those things where maybe it works in a way?? I don’t know. I have been looking at it and tweaking it and redrawing it for so long that I feel like I can’t see it anymore.

  • @pamela-fraley ups, if. I knew it's done traditionally. I wouldn't have said anything! I think ur piece is totally great. It's just because you said that you were not 100% happy, I wanted to find smth to help... Perhaps you can paint over the plug and pretend its behind desk o smth? I don't see any other problems with perspective. Really good job:) i am sure you will get loads of likes on Instagram:)

  • @aska The likes are nice, but critiques are better. ☺️ I need critiques to improve. Which is why I posted it in the forums and not just on Instagram. I was actually wondering if we were supposed to tag finished assignments with anything specific so we could get feedback... @Will-Terry is there a specific place or tag we are supposed to use on school assignments?