Movie Poster in Progress - Please Critique!

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    This is based on a story in my head for a while. Even though it's not a feature film or whatever, after drawing this I thought it could make a great personal project to make a fully colored movie poster. I'm thinking of making it digital by scanning and painting over in photoshop. By the way, I know there isn't much going on in the bottom left corner, the blackness of space fades down into an atmospheric scene looking across mountains.

    Any thoughts on composition?

  • thanks in advance

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    Hi Ben,
    As thumbnails go, this looks really nice, though I am not totally sure what it represents. I can see it's some sort of space traveller and there are planets and spaceships, though I cannot make out all of the objects. One of the considerations I can suggest is about relative size of objects. Last week I stumbled across a designer's channel and there was a video on poster composition that mentioned this principle using yellow blobs - so I allowed myself to put yellow blobs on your poster sketch:


    At this level of render everything appears to be about the same size, so there is no focus or "most important element" in the composition. I attach the example they gave in that video, which I captured as screenshot. Another great source that discusses this principle heavily (associated also with all the discussion about the relative size of movie stars on a movie poster) is the book "The Art of John Alvin" (a star movie poster designer who worked for Star Wars, etc...).

  • Thank you! @smceccarelli This helps a lot! I’ll be sure to check out John Alvin

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    @ben-migliore I am having a hard time telling what's what. Maybe a more clear contrast would help.

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen thanks for your feedback, I’ll keep that in mind

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