I don't think this posted so I am trying again. WIP feedback please!

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    I am working on my next Watercolor assignment. Wher I want to be. I decided I want to be in this yellow house in Norway. This is a sketch I did today after doing some thumbnails. This si a basic compositin. I always feel I need help with my perspective. The house might need some tweaking and maybe it shouldn't be going downhill 🙂 I have o enlarge to 22 X 30. Want to get it in shape before I try that. Thanks for your help!

    Her is the sketch and resource I am using:



  • Hi Marsha, I could point out something that could help in perspective. If you could think of a plumb line to gauge your vertical lines, it will show you places to change the house sketch. Then use those lines to build rest of the house and finally add the windows and door. Start with the outside of the house and work inward. Another way is to measure a "guideline" vertical to work against for reference. Measure from the edge of the paper or canvas to make an exact line and then draw and measure from it. It doesn't hurt to use tracing paper first to do all your draft work, then compare to this sketch by laying it over this one. You'll see it more easily where to change. Hope this helps.

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    House shouldn't be going downhill. Google "house built on side of hill" etc. and you will see that homes on hillsides are still made to be level. They typically have to dig into the side of the hill for part of the structure. Which would probably give this home a walk out basement. All vertical lines should stay vertical.

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    @lee-white Thanks! I'm working on it now 🙂

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    @mare333 Thank you.

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