Self-Printing My Inktober Drawings as a Book - Need Guidance

  • These are beautiful. I had a kids book printed on With some extended discounts, I think it came out to be about $30 for a 7x7 hardcover. Totally worth it...

  • @lawnz I know nothing about printing books, but your work is amazing!!

  • Now we all wish we were on your holiday list!! Ha! Ha!

  • @smceccarelli - Thank you! I will check out Bubu and see what kind of options/prices they have given the format I'm looking for. I definitely don't want to do saddle stitching (staples). I've done that before, having worked in comics as a colorist for a while. I really want to do a bound book - whether that's perfect bound, lay-flat, or whatever.
    What was the turn around and shipping time, if you recall?
    Thanks again for the kind words and info.

    @Kevin-Longueil - Thanks, Kevin! It was a lot of hard work and really late nights (I work full-time). I'm very happy that I saw it through.

    @moldrewes - Thank you! I did find Blurb as one option. I think where I'm going to get slammed on pricing is the page count, if I decide to stick with 64 pages. It might be worth it though, to hold something that substantial? haha - Or maybe I do a few that way and the rest as 32 pages... Decisions, decisions.

    @Eli - haha, thank you so much! From the on-set, I planned on getting at least one made for myself. I've had quite a few people on Instagram ask if I planned on making a book and if they could get one (which is where I got the idea of giving them out as gifts). If this goes well and they look good in print, I may throw it up on Amazon so others can get a copy.

    Thanks again, everyone! I'll keep updating this thread with what I find, pricing, experience, etc so it can serve as a resource for others.

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    @lawnz By Bub,u, staple binding is turned around within 24 hours. Hardcover stitched binding takes about 3-5 days production time. Flat binding is expensive and has the most limitations in term of size and type of paper. I have never had it done, but I think it also takes the longest.
    Then there is shipment, of course.

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    I would recommend createspace, I was really happy with the price and quality.

  • I have no guidance to give, but just wanted to tell you how stunning your work is! Every piece stands out, and they look so beautiful together like this. Great work!

  • @smceccarelli Thanks for the info!

    @Chip-Valecek Thanks, Chip, I'll check into it.

    @bharris aww, thanks Brittany, I appreciate it.

  • Just an update to bump this thread. I've searched around the interwebs a lot and found some good options; some with compromises. I have a few prints arriving in the next week or so and will post my thoughts and some photos. Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions! Hope everyone had a great holiday. 🙂

  • If you are still looking for a book printer, try

  • @jimsz Yep, they are one of the sites I'm looking into getting a print from. And I have a 40% off coupon! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Hey everyone! Long time, no post...

    Just giving this thread a bump with an update. After doing a lot of research and comparing prices and getting test prints making adjustments and so on, I have some decent results to share. I will take some photos and do a write-up sometime this week. Sorry it took so long, but hopefully what I found out will help others with their projects.


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