Art by the inch?

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    One of my classmates sells her art by the inch. Has anyone ever heard of that before? I think it's an ineresting idea.

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    That seems like an incredibly strange way to sell art. It's true that bigger pieces generally sell at a higher price, but quoting by the square inch makes it seem like a product t they would sell at Home Depot.

    There are a lot of issues that I could go into about selling art, but the issue is just too broad. But in a nutshell, illustration is sold by the usage. Meaning where and who is Buying it will change the price.

    For fine art sales, it's generally a persons experience and sometimes pedegree that can change the value. Certain galleries will give the price point a boost too.

    But sizing by the in h doesn't seem like a reasonable business model to me. I'd love to hear other opinions though.

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    @lee-white i read up on it. It's an interesting idea. Probably, artists use it because they have a hard time pricing and it gives them an easy way to tell people the cost. Some people sell by square inch and some by linear inch.

    Lee, I have watched your video on making money in illustration and I think you have great ideas!

    For someone like me, who has a houseful of art that I need to downsize before I move into a fifth wheel full time, I'm looking for ways to maybe sell some of it. My family doesn't want it and I hate to just toss it. Maybe I will have to give it away in the end. I think I will be taking pictures and scanning it all and save it that way.

    Just FYI, here's what I read about it.

  • I sell oil paintings that way. It helps me stay consistent and gives me at least a good baseline for pricing. Also keeps my emotions out of it. Then when it comes time to bump prices it’s an easy amount across the board. For example, last year I had set a price point at $1.50 per square inch and decided that once I sold 10 paintings or had a good show I’d give it a .25 bump. I’m at $2 now. For me it makes that part of it easier. To lee’s Point about the Home Depot feel, I agree, but I don’t market art by the inch, that’s just how I come to my prices.

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