Transportation Wip

  • 0_1505754681243_skaters.jpg

    Hey I am currently working on my transportation idea... I wanted something with energy and interaction, I'm still working on it but I thought I'd see if anyone has any improvement ideas they want to share.

    The tall guy is going to be hi-fiving the smaller guy I think.

  • I love the poses of the three guys in red, but the tall guy seems a little stiff in comparison. Maybe give him a more dynamic pose. Maybe he could be REALLY tall and have to bend over to high five? That could add a little humor...if you want to go that direction.

  • Like the idea I'm doing sort of a similar theme myself. I would add a bit of perspective going back into space. Have a foreground, middle ground, and background and overlap the the characters. Maybe get a bit more variety of characters as far as sex and ethnicity. Maybe get a hint of where this is at...the crowded street, car show, beach, some sort of convention.

  • @j-sienkowski haha I like the idea of him really tall. The tall guy is on his first pass I was at a head scratching moment with his pose. I'll try a few poses and see what happens thanks.

  • @evilrobot good points thanks... I never really thought about where they are exactly I was so focused on there poses, I need to have a think about that thanks. Good luck with yours.