I would ove to see the process for Inktober prompts.

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    I was just looking at the Inktober list. I would love to see or hear about the process people go through to decide on what they will draw to go with the word. I've heard people say they have a jillion ideas right away. How do you go from the prompt word to your final idea for the illustration? Just curious.

  • I'll share my process so far. I toyed with the idea of doing a continuous story line with the prompts, so that has has somewhat informed my process:

    1. I looked over the prompt list and I felt that there were several words that lent themselves to a fantasy theme, so that started informing my thoughts and decisions as I looked over the list again. I started piecing a story together in my head.

    2. When I had my main story line, I wrote all the prompt words out in order, leaving some space for a few words or a short sentence. I wrote key words or short sentences on the prompts I was certain about and left blank the ones I wasn't sure would fit. I spent some time thinking on how to tie in the ones I wasn't sure of, until I could finally tie them in.

    3. Then I started on some very rough thumbnails for prompt words 1-9. Just 1 or 2 thumbnails for each one, as I can't spend too much time on this project, or it will not get done. I also started sketching character designs. I made some minor tweaks to the details of the story as I started sketching the characters. Character design has been challenging for me!

    4. I created a pinterest board to throw in reference and inspiration.

    5. Now I'm throwing together a storyboard. I have 11 prompts roughed out. Still sketching some character/ creature designs.

    I feel kind of embarrassed to show these because they ain't that purdy, but what the heck:





    Here's my very unorganized pinterest board. In hindsight, I should have further subdivided categories because it is getting dense- don't judge:


    All that being said, I think I would have had a similar process even if I wasn't doing a story line, but I'm not sure if I'd be doing planning this far in advance. I'd probably start forming ideas in my head, write down keywords, to guide my thoughts or help me remember ideas. Maybe do a couple of rough thumbnails. Put together a pinterest board for reference.

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    @tessw wow that is some crazy organization going on there. To do a piece everyday is hard for me. I did inktober a few years ago and did characters from one of my favorite movies Nightmare before Christmas. I used it as more of practice then to create a story. I was thinking this year I might again attempt to do it. Using the prompts I will create a series of pumpkin kid characters that fit into that prompt. I am going to limit myself to an hour each morning for sketch and hour in the evening for ink/color. I may not follow the true path of ink only, we will see.

  • @tessw Awesome work! thanks for sharing your process.

  • I'm using my own prompts for Inktober this year, but my main rule is to not overthink each prompt. This isn't supposed to be a chore or a "job," it's supposed to be fun!
    But to make it easier (and narrow down ideas), I'm also doing a continuous story for my prompts. Same characters, different settings/scenes. I've seen people choose a subject matter (robots, fairies, dinosaurs, etc) for the prompts, so that may help 🙂

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    @tessw That's awesome! Thanks fo rsharing. I have never pinned anything on pinterest, just googled images. That's a great idea for getting your resources in one place. Your rough sketches look pretty dang good. That just shows that you are a very good illustrator and seek perfection 🙂

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    @missmarck I'm doing monsters from kids descriptions again. That was really fun for me. I will have enough to do with my classes so if I do it I want it to be a fun reprieve from harder things I am learning on photo shop 🙂 But I might try and incorporate the prompts when feasible.

  • I've just written the instagram list into my diary! Will hit it each day. However, I am also going to combine ideas....that way I've got 900ish ideas to play with rather than 31

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    @andyg Wow! Can't wait to see what you come up with 🙂

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