Do all the live classes eventually become available as on demand content?

  • Or do only some of the live classes eventually become available to subscription based members? I ask, because that "Turbo-Charging You Creativity Class" looks really good. 😛

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    I think they all do, Tess.

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    @tessw - according to @Lee-White the Illustration 1: Turbo-Charging Your Creativity class will only be offered live. It will not become an on-demand selection.

    I took this course and it is fantastic. It would not work as on-demand because part of the live aspect is the weekly critique and feedback given on all assignments from both David and Lee (the instructors).

  • @rich-green Thank you. I'll have to start saving up my pennies I guess. Your website is really cool, btw! Love the idea of incorporating the photographs into your painted scenes.

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    Rich is right. This is only a class and won't be a subscription. The reason for that is really because it's so interactive with each student's work. To watch the video by iteself without the feedback and moving the projects forward woudn't offer nearly as good as it is in the class setting.

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    @tessw Thanks so much for the kind words about my website and the featured project illustration. I really appreicate that.

    And honestly - the course is well worth every penny you can save. I learned so many great things during the 10 weeks and absolutely can not say enough about how fantastic Lee and David both are in this course. It's really great stuff!

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