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  • Hi there! I'm looking for some feedback on an illustration I'm working on. It's a personal/portfolio piece, inspired by some of the "Dream Portfolio" stuff I've been doing (I've been studying a lot of vintage book illustrations.) Below are 3 different versions, all of which I like... But I'm not sure about the trees. What do you guys think?

    0_1504158686851_moonlight A.jpg

    0_1504159097699_moonlight B.jpg

    C (I'm kinda leaning towards this more simple composition...)
    0_1504159131935_moonlight C.jpg


  • I like number 2 best,the trees look great,The colour palette is wonderful very subtle and beautiful.

  • I like the loose linework and the colour pallet. Are these final images or are you going to refine them further?
    I like number 2 the best but the left-hand tree merges into the foreground tree a bit. It might be worth considering the values there.
    Also, there is a small tangent between the yellow reed/flowers at the bottom left and the sky.
    Looks great though. The ideal portfolio exercise was really useful for me.

  • i like the 2nd one better too. the spaces around the trees are much better. these are still wip, right?

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    The composition of the third works best for me,

  • These are looking really cool. I like how you distributed the orange throughout the image. I like 2 or 3. Possibly make the background trees in 2 a little darker? May or may not work. I would definitely refine the linework a bit if you don't plan to already.

  • Thanks for all the feedback, everyone! These are definitely still in the rough stages, so lots of cleanup will be happening once I get settled on a composition. For an example, this are some of the pieces I used as a color reference:
    alt text
    alt text
    So the line work is going to be somewhat cleaned up, but I want it to still have the effect of "mass produced" texture. (I might pull from Alphonse Mucha for the lineart.)
    alt text

  • I decided to move the moon, and I think that really helps. Tried it with and without a tree.

    0_1504202813568_moonlight D.jpg

    E (I think I prefer this one!)
    0_1504203570472_moonlight E.jpg

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    @missmarck gorgeous illustration such nice work with your consistency on style and awesome values. I just wanted to let you know I kept struggling to understand her head/face , I wanted to see/understand it better. Fantastic that you are using your dream portfolio pieces to guide you Congrats!

  • I love illustration B and your three inspirational images. 🙂 Either way you go though, I think this will be great. I can't wait to see the final image. ❤

  • I love the second one because of the value in the trees! Lovely style by the way!

  • @lmrush thanks for the feedback! I was originally going to have her facing the moon, so you can't see her face, but after taking a break, I think a profile shot would be better 🙂

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