WIP - Worst Fear

  • Here is my idea for the "Worst Fear" contest.
    All my life I have been deathly afraid of roaches, even now in my mid 40s. Not sure where the fear came from, but it is real. LOL. I did have another concept of an army of roaches chasing me with swords and all, but I am struggling with drawing these nasty critters, so I figured it best to pare it down to just one this time.
    Anyway, would appreciate any feedback on composition, etc. Thanks! NOTE: the face on the left is not part of the illustration.


  • The worst place to find a cockroach is the fridge,this is going to look awesome

  • @DOTTYP thanks!
    For me, the worst place is on me, LOL! My daughter woke my wife and I up about 5am earlier this week after a roach crawled across her hand in bed. Amazingly, she had already caught it with a cup, so I just had to pick up the cup and flush the sucker (he was huge). That same morning, my wife discovered his friend under the couch. Long story short, he came out later to his demise. Shudder... We have had a lot (A LOT) of rain here in FL, so we think they are coming in to escape the wet.

  • I'd say give him another pair of legs. Roaches are the worst and I'm super scared of them too. I grew up in Hawaii, and when it's time for the huge ones to mate, they sometime come out and fly around. One time one flew into my hair. Since they have those jagged legs, it was difficult to remove. I still shudder to think about it.

  • @TessW Thanks for the heads up. I did not realize his top left leg was missing.

  • Great image. I see to the left you have another kids face. Are you having two kids in the scene? I think it would look better with just the one. I really like the idea. Great job.

  • What if you cropped in quite a bit? I think you can lose most of the left side of the fridge and it would still read as a fridge. Also, what if you keep the same proportions of the kid and the fridge, but made the cockroach even bigger, like towering over the fridge and bending down into it? Ew... Just an idea. Love this concept. So gross and creepy!

  • @bob-szesnat Thanks, Bob! The other face is just a sketch for another concept I was working on.

  • @lynda_percival That's a neat idea! Will explore making the roach larger. Thanks!

  • UPDATE: This is what I have so far. I hope to have it done by tomorrow night's deadline.

  • Looks good! I hate when i find a giant roach stealing from ny fridge 🙂 hope you get it in on time

  • SVS OG

    This is great. Nice work

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