WIP a sweet worst fear

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    0_1502854590418_ThumbnailChewedgumdistrict.jpg I've decided to take advantage of all you artistic Smarties to help me decide a good composition for my "Wrong Part of Town" worst fear submission.
    The idea is that it's a Charms Blow Pop Sucker (or lollipop for those who use that word) walking into the chewed gum district part of town...its dark, and grimy, and with Gum that is chewed and not so pleasant! So I'm just wanting your Sweet feedback on my thumbnails. Forgive me on the post-its, iPad combo! That's a messy underpass sketch in number 1 by the way. And was playing with a LolliPup in 3 and 4.


  • SVS OG

    I like 2, as you can see it's face, and the buildings seem to frame it better.

  • I like 2 and 4.

    2 is a little confusing as to what the character is looking at some maybe some kind of cast shadow shape would better tell the story, or you could have the character away (either towards the viewer with something indicating danger/scary stuff in the background or away from the viewer using a dangerous shadow in the foreground).

    4 could also be quite interesting if you put the character facing the viewer, but looking at something to their upper left or right with a what happened here expression.

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    I appreciate ya! The more I look at them and think things through, I kind of want to a zombie thing now. It would be fun to do with the chewed pieces. And maybe instead of a Sucker, I could play with a piece of gum that was once packaged in foil. Like the old school gum...ie double mint, juicy fruit, or big red gum.

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