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    Here's where I'm at with the concept of a little dog afraid of storms, working on values. I changed the angle a little, because I wanted to emphasize the dog's point of view a bit more. I plan to have a bit of cloudiness showing in the sky, and the lightning will be more bright.

    I'm not sure how to handle the "windows" in the crate, though. The wall behind will be dark, as will the interior of the crate. But when the lightning flashes, the light will go through them. So I'm thinking they should be lighter, with the little bars showing up more?

    Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome on this one. Thank you!

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    @kat great start. I would bump up the light around the lighting strike and then that can bleed through the windows of the crate to light it up. Also add some rain hitting the window outside.

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    @chip-valecek, thanks, I agree about the lightning and rain storm. I think the light would hit the interior top of the crate, and maybe bounce around inside the crate, but the side wall behind the dog would probably not get a lot of light.

  • Looking good!
    My first thought is that you need more darks. Right now, it all seems kinda pale with low contrast. To make the lightning really "pop", you'll need more contrast.
    For the cage windows, I think just some highlights on the bars (against the dark background) is all you need. You don't want much light, because it'll distract from the scared dog 🙂
    Can't wait to see where this goes!

  • Great start, that dog is adorable. I agree with @MissMarck . Here's a reference image to possible see what happens during a lightning strike to shadows. Look at how the shadows get smaller during a lightning strike, but the deep crevices like the house siding and the folds in the clothes remain dark. Look at the difference in the cast shadows. So I think in your piece some of the creases like in the blanket, the dog's nose, the crack where the trim meets the floor, could have stronger occlusion shadows and the dog and the curtains could maybe have a cast shadow.


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    Thank you both!

    Good advice @MissMarck, it is rather middle ground with the value right now. I can work on that as I add color. I'll try keeping the little crate windows dark and see if it looks better than having light show thru.

    And @TessW, thank you for that example! I can see where I need more contrast with the shadow and flash of light. I totally missed the cast shadow of the dog, for sure.

  • Great expression on the dog.

  • @kat Aside from what was already mentioned about the values. I think adding a few standing up hairs on the dog would push the feeling of fear a bit more. I never had a dog, but whenever lightning struck the hairs on my cat would stand up and she would run under the bed or somewhere dark. The dog in this does look afraid, but i'm not sure whether it's waiting for the approaching storm or if it's reacting to the flash of lightning in the scene.

    I think that some cloth draping over the box slightly would work quite nice and maybe some props around the dog, such as a soft toy next to it. I would also move the dog and the box a little more to the left lower the wall a bit more as the composition of the scene is a bit too evenly divided into 4 parts at the moment. If you lowered the wall (or made it into a metal fence) you could indicate some silhouetted rooftops in the background as well as other flashes of lightning.

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    @gary-wilkinson thanks for that! I never noticed the 4-quarter division going on, so I appreciate that. I've got a couple toys next to the crate, but the whole scene does look rather empty. I like the suggestion of adding things, and I def need to work on the window "scene". I want him to be reacting to the lightning.
    Thank you!

  • @kat

    Hi Kat,

    I love the emotion you're showing us in this piece! My dog had a really rough time with fireworks this year so I totally relate...and she won't go out if there's a little thunder in the background.

    I think you can make a few changes - many of which have already been mentioned - that will enhance your story.

    1. If you change the camera angle so we can see where the dog crate ends it won't create a tangent.

    2. If you add the wire to more accurately describe the dog crate.

    3. If you open the window slightly the wind can help break up the static shapes of the curtains - remember - DRAMA!

    4. If you add a few house hold items to describe the room the dog is in.


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    OMG Will, thank you, you just made it a thousand times better! I appreciate your input 🙂

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