Worst fear WIP

  • Hi everyone here is my rough sketch and colours for worst fear I'm really enjoying the prompts. I would really appreciate any feedback or critique on it as well as where you think I could improve in general if you've seen my previous completion entries? 0_1502105530645_IMG_0186.JPG

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    @gubhart that's funny. I would maybe tilt the boat back to make it like he is coming in fast. Add more wake to the back of the boat as well.

  • Something about the arm of the bear. Is that an arm rest? ...oh.... I get it. It's the controller of the motor. Sorry it threw me off and I even lived on a boat for 6 years. Well it's distracting in that it comes up over the front of the boat making the bears arm either REALLY long or the boat really short/small. This makes the proportions really wonky. ( And perhaps that's the look you were going for.) My 2 cents.

  • I would spend sometime on the penguins they feel animated but the beak shapes and feet make them feel a bit odd. There is no shortage of stylized penguin references in the svs videos 🙂

  • @rcartwright Funny really well done

  • Something that is distracting me is how the white of the snow, just sort of bleeds out into the background, cause the top looks like it's in a bounding box, but the bottom half doesn't. If this is going to be displayed on a white background, I'd consider altering it some how, because to me it's definitely affecting the composition.

    Maybe something along these lines.





  • Sorry about the late reply I've been away but I did get some time to redraw the sketch. I'm not sure if I'll get this one done in time this month but appreciate all your help!
    As @Chip-Valecek Suggested I changed up the angle of the boat and tried to make it look like it's coming in at more speed?
    @Katrina-Fowler The arm motor was definitely a bit unclear so I reworked that and yeah I am trying for the proportions to be a bit wonky to try and make the bear appear huge.
    @rcartwright Thanks I haven't come across penguins yet in the videos I've done are there any particular that feature lots of penguins? I've made the beaks larger than they maybe should be so that I can convey the panic?
    @TessW you're definitely right I keep forgetting about the white background on the forums!
    Any feedback would be appreciated especially about the penguins.

  • @gubhart ! Here are a couple of examples of Will Terry penguins that show up throughout the videos. Notice that they are simplified in detail but are still easy to recognize as penguins. You may want to consider doing a number of studies before drawing your next version. Hope this helps0_1503520776603_975d9515b0f457d8631947d999ee7ff9.jpg 0_1503520803006_penguin-vacation2.jpg

  • This is it how I submitted it, finished but not perfect. Would appreciate some feedback on where it could be improved!


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