Worst Fear WIP

  • I was trying to come up with an idea that wasn't too sad and dark . We've had storms recently, and my little dog gave me this perfect example of a worst fear. I also tried to follow the excellent advice given here at SVSLearn and actually do thumbnails instead of just jumping in and creating a disaster, which seems to be my norm. Here's my favorite thumbnail, with some notes on how I'd like to do this. Feedback is most welcome - thank you!

  • What a fantastic ides! Love the thumbnail great value and composition, but I can't see the quivering dog?

  • Thanks, @lmrush , glad the idea works! Since I was trying to be very rough and general, I think it's a good thing that you can't really see the dog yet 🙂 That means I didn't get into details too soon. If you look under the arch of the crate in the bottom left corner, there's a sort of rounded triangle facing the center, with a dot near the top - that's supposed to represent the dog's head and eye.

  • @kat Keep posting your progress I can't wait to see it.