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  • Hello,
    The image below includes all the final sketches I plan to color for my illustration portfolio. But, before I start, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on any of the number illustrations. I don't expect everyone to inspect every numbered image, but if something stands out, let me know. The image is fairly big as I did not want to upload 14 individual images here. If you click on it, you should be able to view the larger image. Thank you in advance!

  • Hi Tom. This is looking so great and you have a solid collection of sketches to work from. It's pretty cool that you are doing a whole bunch of them before you start painting. Seems like a pretty good way to work.

    I'd say if you took them to finish as is, they would all be great. I do have a suggestion on where I feel you could improve as a whole- and that is with exaggerating your gestures a bit. This is perhaps a personal preference, but I think you could nudge your gestures a tad more to really illustrate the feeling of each character.

    I've manipulated your images to hopefully illustrate what I'm talking about. I mainly used liquify, so they may look a bit distorted.

    6_1502049114270_tom7.jpg 5_1502049114270_tom6.jpg 4_1502049114270_tom5.jpg 3_1502049114270_tom4.jpg 2_1502049114270_tom3.jpg 1_1502049114269_tom2.jpg 0_1502049114269_tom1.jpg

    Thanks for sharing these, and I'm very excited to see these come together as finished pieces.

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    @tombarrettillo these are fantastic I love the emotion you can convey- nice job!

  • Thanks, @TessW. I appreciate the tips on the poses!

    Thanks @lmrush

  • These are great. I especially like the elephant in different poses. I also like the different POV's in 10 with the two different chicken coop images. Look forward to seeing in color.

  • thanks! @Katrina-Fowler

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