Red Riding Hood Designs

  • I wanted to do some character designs for Red Riding Hood for my portfolio. Here's what I ended up coming up with!
    Red Riding Hood.jpg
    The Wolf.jpg
    The Woodsman.jpg

    I have also designed a home for grandma, however I am not too happy with the colours, so I'll probably finish that up this weekend.


  • These are awesome!! The wolves and grandma are my favorite, I especially like the wolf as grandma! The others are naturally good as well.

  • @Javier-Diaz nice work! Your character designs are great. I also really like the wolf and grandma best.

    My only thoughts for change are for Red - first off, her body looks like that of an older woman's and the clothing doesn't help that (maybe make her dress a little more girly/frilly or something?). In particular, her arms & hands look to me to be too thick - I'd make them more dainty. Next, she looks like she's bald in the middle of her head since her bangs and side of her hair don't connect. Lastly, just a minor thing - your other characters pop out so nicely on their respective coloured backgrounds, but Red blends into hers too much. I'd change the background colour up to make her pop 🙂

    The lumberjack's 'stache is pretty epic. Look out Ron Swanson!

  • I like your designs. My favorite is the wolf.

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears Thanks!
    @DanetteDraws good point! I'll make that change!
    @Rob-Smith Thank you!

  • @Javier-Diaz Wonderful! Your style is fantastic!

  • Wow, these are fantastic. They all have great unique character about them

  • @Javier-Diaz hi Javier, nice work! I would change the top of the head riding hood it looks a bit odd. The rest is very beautiful! love the colors, light and shadows.

  • love your characters, they look like traditional disney.

  • Really awesome designs! I'll echo what others have said about Red's bald spot. One thing that's getting me is that not all of the characters seem to fit into the same style. The wolf and the huntsman both have extreme distortions on some parts of their bodies (the huntsman's arms, the wolf's neck), which I love and think really make their designs. They also have a design patterning of big versus little as well. Red and grandma on the other hand are lacking those things (red has the big vs little, but it's a typical design). Red looks generic and undetailed compared to the others, and Grandma's proportions and features are much more realistic than the rest. I think just finding those elements to push will really strengthen their designs and make them match the others.

  • Really nice designs. I love how the wolf looks, he made me laugh out loud 😃 The idea to make him so thin because he must be so hungry is really refreshing, as most of the wolfs I've seen done for the story are tough and strong.
    As for suggestions I could recomend, as others have said, a bit more hair for Red. She seems to have a boy cut. Also tiny similarities between her and her grandma would be nice, just to make them more related.
    Ther than that, great idea for a portfolio filler.
    I am eager to see grandma's house. :)))))))))

  • Beautiful work!

  • vey nice design and yes agree with everyone on Red.

  • LOVE the style of your characters and execution/colorization! Red Riding Hood herself has the least detail and texture... top of her head needs a little more shaping and light sourcing but otherwise really nice!! I'm wondering... are you entering the Tomie DePaola contest on the SCBWI website? If not, you SHOULD:)

  • Here's the link to SCBWI Tomie DePaola Award, due December 2015. I think you have to be a member to submit your entry:

  • Hey all! Sorry for the delay, work has been crazy. Thanks for the feedback! You guys were right about Red, so I ended up changing her.
    Red Riding Hood_v02.jpg

  • @Javier-Diaz she is so much better!

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears said:

    @Javier-Diaz she is so much better!

    Thanks! 😃

  • SVS Team SVS Instructor Pro SVS OG

    These are some really sweet character designs. Very pleasing shapes and consistent design throughout! Nice job!

    One thing I would suggest here, try putting them in a few scenes and seeing if they work out with their current proportions. I'm a fan of really messing with proportions and often times a good looking character design with heavy exaggeration will need to be adjusted a bit once you put it in a scene. I'm thinking about the size of the head with red riding hood and the wolf. I'd bet you can keep the design you have, but shrink the scale of the head about 1/3.

    In many animations and books that use characters with big heads, a good rule of thumb is keeping the head size about a third the size of the body (character that is three heads tall). If you want to age the character a bit, opt for a 4 head character height. Using the roughly 2 head high character like you have here makes all sorts of things difficult in production. things like riding a bike, or just moving through a scene (especially interiors) can look odd. Just a thought. Give it a whirl if you like.

    Again, very nice work. I can't wait to see more! : )

  • @Javier-Diaz Yes!!!!!

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