Watercolor paper size for PB dummy

  • Hi! I'm new to SVS and working on a picture book dummy for a story I wrote. I traditionally work in fine art watercolor but have enjoyed illustration for years.

    What size watercolor paper do you work on for full spreads? Picture books vary in size, so I'm trying to find out if one is more commonly accepted for dummies. My fine art pieces are usually 36" x 48" and I'm fairly certain no one illustrates on such large sheets.

    Thank you!

  • I don't know much about the subject, but are you signed up for a subscription with the courses? If you are, I would recommend going to the Illustrating Children's Books Part 2 and watch the first video titled "Guy Francis" He talks about his process including size and scanning. I think it's for a square format book. I think it would be a great video for you to watch because he also explains what he does if major changes need to be made, etc.

  • Thank you! I will go watch that one : )

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    The most standard size book is 8"x10". So a full spread is 8"x20". Most illustrators work at 150% or larger. So you could go up to 12"x30". Keep scanning and bleed in consideration....

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