More Water Color Classes

  • Was wondering if there are any plans on doing some more traditional water color classes. I'm really interested in learning some different process start to finish for completing illustrations in water color. Glazing, dry brush, using it in combo mixed media with ink and wash, and colored to get different effects...if I want a cast shadow do I mix blue with the base color or do I mix the complementary color with the base color or do I put the shadow down separately and if so do I put it before the base color glaze or after.....I've always wanted to learn water color so I'd really be interested if you guys were planning anything.

  • I am finally filming the basic watercolor class. The first part will be done at the end of Sept.

  • the first part will focus on materials and basic technique

  • @lee-white whoot whoot!!!!

  • This sounds great. I've always wanted to try watercolour. I have a set that was given to me like 20 years ago... probably not any good anymore but I kept it. One day...

  • Sounds great! I'll be looking for the new class.