To Cintiq or not Cintiq that is the question

  • I currently am using a Wacom intuos I think, I want to upgrade to the Cintiq 20 something inch. I don't have the means of purchasing the 20 something and have been advised not to buy the 13 inch by an amazing illustrator. I want to move ahead and buy the 13" Cintiq do to the fact it will likely be years before I can purchase the other. Any advise for me on this front?

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    I had an old 15" Cintiq 21" and now the 24" hd and I have loved every one of them. I have also had three off brand tablets....they really don't compare at least not for me. I sent back two yiynova 22" tablets because of really bad viewing angles and bugs in the drivers. Then I tried a Bosto and it was real piece of, I know others have had luck it the generic but the Wacom has been the best no matter what size I used. You can afford a 21" or bigger cintiq if you go used off of Amazon or Ebay both my 15" and 21" were used and they worked fine. Just buy from a trusted dealer. I got my 15" for $300.00 many years ago and my 21" for seven hundred.

  • @evilrobot I never thought I would say this but.... I love you Evil Robot .

  • Hi Tyson I am getting a XP-pen 22hd display delivered today.I have a cintq 13hd but I cannot see the screen.The XP-pen does get really good reviews it was £400 on amazon.I will review it over the next couple of days and let you know how it goes.I did not get one with the express keys because they would not deliver to my country.(why??).careful with the refurbished stuff on Wacom site sometimes new products are cheaper on amazon.

  • @dottyp thank you. Looking forward to your product review. I have been itching to get my hands on this technology, just witnessing what can be done with one begining at the sketching phase. Thanks again for the reply!

  • Have you looked at Cintiq alternatives? The Yiynova (newest model) are fantastic. I used one but decided to move to an iPad pro for portability.

  • @tyson-ranes So i got my XP pen 22hd ,everything seems to be going well I had no problem installing and I think I am very happy ,but i will give it a few days to test properly ,Feel free to ask me any questions.

  • I love my Cintiq. I got the smaller (13") since it was more affordable. I paint on the that and when I need to see my illustrations bigger, I drag them up to my large 27" iMac monitor. Works great for me.

  • I also love my Cintiq. I had a tiny Bamboo tablet before this and yeah, it's wonderful to be able to draw directly on the screen. I got the 22" so it would make creating a full spread a bit easier. Although, now I have this internal pressure to get published in order to justify the cost 🙂

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    Depending on how long you want to wait this may be something to look into. I currently use the Surface Book and it great for drawing and doing my usually 9-5 work as a web designer. I was really going to save and go with the Surface Studio at some point, but I heard the Dell Canvas may only be around $1500 when its out.

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