Drawing Hand Tremor

  • Hey all,

    I had a bad tremor in my drawing hand earlier today after painting and weeding my garden. It lasted about an hour off and on with movement and I had trouble holding my mouse or even using my phone. Has anyone had this before? I think it may be muscle fatigue from painting than gardening? Freaked me out a bit, it settled but still feels a bit weird. Never had it happen in the past.

  • @charlie-eve-ryan were you at an strange angle? Sometimes if I am not in the right position my hand will start to go numb. I take a break and shack it out and its ok.

  • @chip-valecek Thanks, Chip, I don't think so only because it was happening when I was up walking around and I had trouble texting too. My forearm from my elbow to hand was shaking pretty badly every time I went to use it in some capacity. I know what you mean about the numbing feeling too.

    I am wondering if diving in full force after an eight-week break from the surgery recovery was too much, I've been drawing a lot the last few days, then went outside and spent a couple hours weeding today after painting this morning.

    It's like the muscles/nerves in my hand forearm were really pissed off. Pretty crazy sensation, I can only imagine how it feels for people who deal with it on a regular basis.

  • @charlie-eve-ryan yeah I bet you just need a break. You are over working your muscles for sure.

  • I had something similar after washing my car with a power washer. Used my right hand for about 10 minutes solid, and basically couldn't do anything the rest of the day 😕 Hope your arm feels better!

  • Maybe you need to take it a bit easier after your operation,sounds like the gardening was a bit much you could have just got a nerve twitch.Any new medication after your op? cause this could make you a bit shaky.

  • Oh yes, I get that a lot after doing some heavy work with the arms. Especially if I've been taking it easy for a while.
    I feel like it has to do with the muscles getting set on the big and heavy stuff, and they're really bad at multitasking, so they can't just switch over to the fine motor skills right away.
    It always passes after a while, but a bit of stretching and shaking the hands around usually helps.

  • Thanks all, glad to know I'm not the only one. Lol, I won't freak out, I could not imagine not being able to use my hands to draw and paint! The rest of the weeds can wait, I'll give that a break for a few days.

    @DOTTYP No new meds since my surgery, in fact, we have been cutting back. That is a great thing!

  • It's funny, because I only get those from doing yard work. It also causes anxiety when I try to draw or do basic things with my hands later in the day.

  • @eric-castleman I think we can now agree that all the yard work should be done by someone else!! I need to pitch that to my husband, this is my lively hood at stack lol!

  • @charlie-eve-ryan Hope you are feeling better, so scary, I have this thought often about injury to the hand-terrifying for the artist. How is it now?

  • @lmrush Thanks! Yes, it is much better...drawing thumbnails with no issues today.

  • @charlie-eve-ryan whew. So glad

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