Drawing from shoulder

  • Trying to focus on drawing more from the shoulder. It's hard. Some folks say a normal pencil grip is still fine while others recommend an overhand or underhand grip.

    1. Does anybody here actually use an underhand/overhand grip? Anybody know how Jake or Will draw?
    2. When drawing from the shoulder, long curves are easier but straight vertical lines are trickier. Do folks switch between shoulder and elbow/wrist depending on the mark they are trying to make?


  • @davidegp yep! It all kinda depends on what you are aiming for if it's just a short line you don't need to do shoulder but like circles and long straits are supposed to be from them shoulder.
    If you go to Jake's YouTube channel he has a bunch of videos showing him drawing while he talks
    Hope this helps I'm still trying to work it in as well it is still pretty tough 🙂

  • Pro SVS OG

    Yes, I often draw holding the pencil underhand or overhand - anything that is not the same as when you are writing. Especially for the first pass it can help to loosen up the line and give it liveliness and movement. As for shoulder/elbow/wrist, I do not really know. It seems shoulder would only work if you draw at an easel, and I have stopped doing that years ago.

  • I think you might get a lot of variations to this. I use full shoulder for longer, broader strokes, and then just the elbow for shorter or straighter lines. I'm not sure that the position you're using tog rip the pencil will matter too much but try each and what feels right. What really helped me learn how to use my full shoulder range was painting, though. Standing back from a big piece of paper or canvas and holding the brush at least halfway down the length, and painting big circles, little circles, triangles, straight lines, hatching.. etc.

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