Only 6 seats left for the interactive "Turbocharging your Illustrations" class

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    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to let you know we have only 6 seat left for the next session of Illustration 1: Turbocharging your creativity. This class will not run until winter because the Illustration 2 class is starting in the fall. This class is essential to taking the more complex classes and really building a solid foundation to build your illustrations on. Let me know if you have any questions at all. : )

    Class starts July 11.

    Here's a link

  • Hi Lee,

    I am really thinking of subscribing to the class. Just to give me a rough idea, how many hours a week do you expect students to work on assignment to really get the full potential of the class (I know the real answer is probably "the more the better", but just a rough idea so I can plan my schedule accordingly.

    Also, when are the assignment usually due? For example, the class starts on July 11th, would the 1st assignment be due the following Tuesday?

    Also, do you have work from past student that you can show (with their permission of course). Even after reading the full class content and watching the intro video, what we concretely do in the class remains somewhat mysterious haha! I want to take it because I have heard a lot of great comments, but I am still not to sure what we will do.


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    @NoWayMe I'd say at least 4 hours per week for homework. Some weeks a little more, some a little less. Assignments are always due at midnight before the next class session. So basically a week for each one.

    I can show the work from previous students, but it really isn't a polished portfolio class. It's a class that really gets into WHAT you are actually illustrating. We take many of the assignments just to the toned sketch phase so we can fit more assignments in. The class really is about how to come up with great content no matter what the assignment is.

    If you ever struggle with how to make engaging and interesting images, this class is for you. Anyone can learn to draw and paint well. But we all know that really good images go much deeper than that. That is what this class is about.

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    Oh my gosh guys take this course if you can, It is amazing!

  • @nowayme I took the most recent round of this class! What I really liked about this class is that I solidified good habits I already had, but I also started weeding out bad habits I had/have. Instead of leaving "good images" up to chance, you can really figure out why certain images work and why others don't.

    Since we didn't really finish illustrations usually, I would say the biggest takeaway is a stronger, more deliberate approach to illustration, with less guessing. By all means, go for it if you're able!
    (I'd be willing to share some of the work I completed for the course 🙂 )

  • I am psyched for this class!

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