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    Hello! I am Megan Stringfellow. I have been doing art and illustrations (and toy making) for many years, but I've never managed to have my big break (so to speak). I'm new mother of one year old twin girls , and I'm trying to get back into the groove. My dream is to do illustrate children's books. I currently typing this with one hand while keeping one squirmy child away from the keyboard. And now the other has bonked her head so I must go. :p

  • Hey Megan.
    I'm a mom of identical twins, too! Mine are now 10 years old. Just so know - you DO survive! The first year (or 2 ) was a blur to be honest. I did hire a pt nanny while I worked on portfolio stuff. I also held a 3/4 time job. Needless to say I still haven't had my big break either! LOL

    I looked thru your website and had to comment that I used to take thrift store items and re-make them into new clothes to sell. It was a very brief venture which became much too time consuming with washing, cutting and sewing - then trying to sell them at local shops. I had to choose clothing or art and well at the time art one.

    My suggestion is to watch the SVS videos:

    • Work - Life Balance
    • How to Perfect Your Children's Book Portfolio

    Then go from there with the SVS classes that you need. This forum is a great place to get feedback, vent and ask for help.

    ps. I gonna follow you on instagram!

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    @stringfellowart Sounds like you're a busy woman 🙂 Do what you can, when you can. I have faith that you'll go forward one bit at a time 🙂

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    Hallo Megan! I love the use of color in your art. My favorite is the one with the rabbit dreaming of a treehouse: it is delightful!
    I also like the irony of mixing traditional paintings with pop-art icons!
    Welcome to the forum!

  • Being a mum, that doesnt want to be only mum, is not easy, but there is nothing that can stop us right?;) Welcome to the forum:)

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    Welcome to the forums! I can't say anything about having twins, but I have 4 kids.. 15, 13, 10, and 9. The 13 has special needs and the other three are in all sorts of activities. Working a full time job on top of all the kids is always a struggle to find time for yourself and your art. Over the years you will find your groove and what works with your family.

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    @Katrina-Fowler Thanks Katrina! Your girls are so sweet.
    Yes, one of my struggles is staying focused on one "craft" for long periods of time. I love to do sooo many things, (sewing, painting, sculpting, dollhouses, writing, etc). If I could just stay focused on one for long enough, I probably would able to be successful at it. My excuse is, the muse wants what the muse wants, right?

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    @smceccarelli Thank you!

  • Welcome! Your girls are adorable. As a mom of four, I can relate. I remember when I couldn't type because someone was always reaching for the keys and someone else needed me at the same moment. It's a season of life for us creative moms. The creativity must continue but the balance must be shifted more toward our children's needs during that time. In another season the balance can shift back toward your art. My youngest is now 5 and my oldest is 11.. I am slipping into a season of increased productivity and my work is improving much faster than it did before. I enjoy it and I look back and see how short the baby years actually were. Above all, don't let the myth of needing to do all your big work before a certain age depress you. All the best creators of history did not complete their best work in their youth. You have time. Enjoy your babies. 🙂

  • Welcome! I have two young kids, including a one year old, and can relate on some level, though twins are a whole different ball game! I'm also trying to get back into the groove. It seems like with pregnancy and the first year after my kids were born, I just couldn't bring myself to do art.

    Good luck! Enjoy your babies and your art. Love your name, btw. 🙂

  • @Katrina-Fowler OMG - they are so cute!

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