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  • I want to be published! I have been working on my portfolio and just finished this piece which I like and am excited about. I'm wondering what I might do to take it to the next level where an art director would think it was of publishable quality. (other than get a better scan or photo of it. I am not great at digitizing my work yet) What do you guys think? 0_1497566675032_bookwyrm_JeanneBowman2017.jpg 0_1497566688463_detail2.jpg 0_1497566710476_bookwyrmdetail1.jpg

  • @JeaneBean Love it! Really strong work. My only suggestion would be to tone down the tail as it starts to recede into the background. Maybe will just a very light wash or with a bit of that charcoal/graphite. That will let the focal point between the dragon and the woman read better.

  • Ok so overall this is really nice piece I would say that the issue I see is with the dragon's tail taking your eye out of the picture into the corner I feel like you don't need that last bit of tail or possibly darken the back area with a soft shadow to close in the space. Nice work on the using the book text texture that is great

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    @JeaneBean Super nice!

  • Really nice concept. Maybe give the librarian a more extreme reaction, considering the size of the creature. Or even take it the opposite direction and have the librarian "shh-ing" the creature.

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    Very nice piece and clever concept and execution! There are two aspects you may want to consider:

    • You could give the image a bit more space to the right. It feels crowded or cropped there, with the librarian too close to the edge of the image, as well as the trail of the dragon. This could also solve the fact that, at the moment, there is no real place to put text (assuming this would be a book spread.)
    • The face of the librarian does not read well - neither from far away nor in the closeup. I would consider eliminating the glasses. They are positioned in an awkward way anyhow (they do not look as if they are flying off the face) and they mess up with the silhouette of the profile, making it a hard read. If you want to keep them, maybe they should be flying further away from the face, so as to clear up that area.

  • @TessW Good point! I think I'll tackle it with photoshop, perhaps! Thank you!

  • @rcartwright Thank you! I think that is a good idea with darkening the tail. I am going to attempt to do it in photoshop.

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thank you!

  • @tombarrettillo Good ideas! Thank you!

  • @smceccarelli Thank you! I will certainly give them both a try. I see what you mean about the cropped edge. After I had laid down the paint I wished I had given it more room as well. I can see what you mean about the glasses. I think I shall try to eliminate them in photoshop. Thank you!

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