Tree House WIP

  • I was throwing around ideas in my sketchbook for the treehouse challenge and came up with the idea of a tree woman with tree house structures for her clothing. The idea kind of came to mind that maybe she was a giantess cursed by a wizard and turned into a tree or maybe she was grown that way by magic gardener long ago and then people have later come in and added these tree houses to her.

    I don't think I'll make the deadline, but which one of these would you flesh out? Hopefully you can tell what's going on.



  • @TessW I like the last one (4) that is not numbered. I think it would be cool if it wasn't a person but yet the tree was in the shape of a women.

  • @Chip-Valecek Thanks! That's what I was hoping to achieve. Her hair would be the canopy of the tree and her body would be woody, her arms kind of like roots or branches.

  • @TessW That's a great idea, i hope you can do it for the challenge.

  • The 3 one looks magic, I´m not sure , but I think you can play with the tourch lights, the sea is a little empty...maybe a boat with a light moving away?

  • I like #3

  • @TessW #2 is a very nice composition and the story reads well to me - for me #2 is far ahead of the pack - I'm sure you could make them all very successful pieces though 🙂

  • I like #2

  • I also like the looming-ness of #2 - I think it would be a striking and unique illustration - but the rest of them are very interesting pieces, also - Not much of a decision maker, but I keep looking back on #2, if that helps!

  • @Jose-Ramos Thanks, I was thinking the same thing. I initially played around with putting something there, but it wasn't working out. I'll have to go back and try again.

    Thanks everyone! I am leaning more toward #3, but decided to play around with the sketch of #2 to see if it was geling. Here are my concerns. . . does the dress look stupid? I would probably add vines for sleeves possibly. Also, is it creepy to have people build a city on a giant tree lady?


  • Also, check out this reference I made in sketchup. I just thought it looked silly and wanted to share it. 🙂
    0_1497648750077_Tree house city 3d model 2.png

  • I think 1 looks the most tree-like. I like the composition of number 2. Number three, I actually have kind of a hard time telling what it is. It looks like a woman but I don't really see it as a tree? I'm not sure what the story behind it is. All of them look beautiful in their own way. I would love to see them in color.

  • I like this one with both arms in the air. However, what about making those arms more like large branches, and her fingertips extend even further into smaller branches. Then each of those, and her head could form the canopy of the tree, but each its own individual "umbrella" of branches and leaves.