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  • Okay so I kinda ran through Jake's draw everything and draw animal classes and when I came to the end of the animal class and saw the drawing challenge it looked really fun so I came up with this. Any tips for it? Did I get the concepts correct? I find it oddly amusing and have been laughing like a crazy person so I hope you find my super basic sketch a tad bit amusing to 🙂0_1497223857649_20170611_162144_Film1.jpg

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    @ambiirae the rabbit is super cute. The front legs of the dog need to be longer. If it stretched out its legs they would be much smaller then the hind legs. Maybe add some sort of leash or harness for the rabbit to hold on to.

  • I agree with @Chip-Valecek on all of his points. Adding a harness would make it super cute! I would add a bit more detailing. Whiskers, maybe some teeth on the rabbit and fill in their eyes, just to polish it a bit. Also, the cropping at the bottom is very awkward. It looks like you wanted to cut out the unfinished feet perhaps, or maybe you ran out of paper. I would finish the feet the best you can. If you ran out of paper space. . . this is part of the reason why the loose underdrawing is important, so you can place your drawings better. I would suggest showing the whole animal next time.

    I haven't taken the animal class yet, but to make the most out of the How to Draw Everything class, I would try these same animals in the same pose, but turned 3/4 and maybe even from the back. You could also try it with the point of view raised a bit so you are looking down at them a little.

    I would also suggest checking out Visualizing Drawing in Perspective and Mastering Perspective, as they go hand in hand with the How to Draw Everything class.

    Really glad to see an under structure for this drawing. Good job and keep up the good work. 🙂

  • i loved this class, its awesome:-) Your drawing looks as if you paid attention to the class 😉 I would probably just add right paw to the rabbit. I know its hidden behind left one, but i wonder if it could show a bit, or maybe he could hold a whip or smth? 😉

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